The wise warrior determines to follow Jesus. Wisdom is paired with peace, frightens Satan and glorifies God. We are victorious in this life and in eternity when we depend on God’s wisdom to protect us and steady us as we battle and share the Gospel of Christ. We learn wisdom through the prompting of the Spirit and the study of the Word. Surrendering ourselves to resort to God’s teachings versus our own ideas takes initiative and determination. However, in this context, surrendering doesn’t mean that we give up; it means we are winning.

This is my second Bible study guide. It is laid out similar to my first, Selfless in a Selfie World. There are 16 lessons and four reviews at the end of each chapter that can also be used as a small group guide. This book is written in the same format as most of my daily posts are. I pray over the scripture, asking for God’s guidance and wisdom. He teaches me something from it that I then try to apply to daily life. I challenge you to do the same.

#winning is available at Westbow Press and Amazon. Links are below. 👇🏻