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Heirarchy of Your Heart

Tears of joy streamed down the woman’s face. She was overcome with love and gratitude. The Lord had blessed her with the desire of her heart. Finally, her prayers had been answered. Hannah had just given birth to a precious baby boy, Samuel, her firstborn child.
Within moments she remembered her prayer: “I will give him unto The Lord.”
This thought could’ve torn apart the elation she was feeling. She could’ve turned her back on God for requiring her to give Him her son. Very easily she could’ve allowed her son to take the place in her heart that belonged to God alone.
But she didn’t. She knew that God was the one responsible for the miracle she was holding. He was the one she should worship. Graciously, Hannah gave Samuel back to God. 
Sadly people often times don’t follow Hannah’s lead. Parents choose children. Workers choose jobs. People choose hobbies. All above Jesus. They allow the blessings of God to become their God.
We are responsible for the hierarchy of our heart. Jesus should always be found at the top, reigning in our lives.


Want to be refreshed in the Lord? Worship Him. 

Hard Working

Isaiah prophesied about the wickedness of the people. One of his observations was that they worked for the reward, as a person that loved gifts. 

Could that apply to you? Do you sometimes become consumed with just making more money? Does the bottom line become your god?

Everything we do should be seen as a way to honor God and worship Him. So keep giving your best, just make sure who you’re working for –yourself or your Savior.

Stand in Awe


The wise men fell to the ground and worshipped their King, Jesus. 

Not because He had proclaimed great blessings on their life…or because He had just delivered them out of a stressful situation…or even healed them of physical ailments or financial ruin. 
They praised Him just because of who He was: King.
It is so good for our relationship with Christ when we worship Him for who He is not just for what He has done.
It gives us perspective of the awesome God we serve. 

A Humble Heart


James 1:17

Daniel 2:1-23

“There is not a man upon the earth that can tell you what that dream means,” said the Chaldeans.

Then in strolled Daniel with the interpretation.

Can you imagine the pride that would have tried to rule in his heart? He was the only man in the entire kingdom that could interpret the king’s dream. The only one.

But instead of glorying in himself he exalted God. He thanked God for imparting wisdom and might upon him. He blessed him. Praised him. Worshipped him.

In complete humbleness.

Daniel realized that even though he would receive glory on earth that his God in heaven was the author of this success.

Every good and perfect gift comes from God alone.

Remind yourself of that when you start getting too big for your britches.

Pout or Praise?

Psalm 118:1

I Chronicles 15:25-29

Michal watched out the window. She could see the instruments being played. She watched as people all around celebrated. And then she spotted her husband, King David in the midst of them, dancing in the streets. He was amongst the crowd, shouting for joy.

They had just brought the ark of the covenant home.

But Michal didn’t join in the praising of God. Instead she pouted, despising David in her heart. She chose to stay in the room, wallowing in her self pity instead of joining the celebration going on around her.

How easy it is for us to hide behind our walls of isolation, anger, guilt or unhappiness. But God has more for us than that. Open your eyes to His glory all around, worship Jesus in the midst of it and you will find yourself basking in His goodness.

When you see an opportunity to praise Him, don’t delay, approach it with fervency.

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