Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Wordless Prayers

The widowed mother cried as they took her only son away. Jesus came to her, recognized her sorrow and then raised the boy from the dead. 
No where is it mentioned that the woman voiced a request to Christ. 
Sometimes we don’t know what words to say when we speak to our Lord. But by welcoming his presence we are inviting him to take control of the situation. He is completely capable of deciphering our wordless emotions and hearing what we can’t say. 
Instead of waiting to meet with God only when you’ve come up with what you think is the perfect prayer just make yourself, emotional as you may be, available to be in his presence, ready to hear what he has for you. 
Scripture taken from:

Luke 7:11-17


To Help or To Hinder

We have a great responsibility in how we treat ourselves and our family. Through conversation we become either “builders” or “destroyers”.

Be conscience of what you say and how you say it. Because essentially you’re either helping or hindering those around you and also yourself. 

Speaking Heart


Luke 21:14-15

Genesis 47:8-9

Pharaoh asked Jacob, “how old are you?”

Jacob replied “I’ve been on this pilgrimage for 130 years.”

It would have been just as simple for Jacob to answer “130 years” and left it at that.

But instead intertwined into his answer was his love for God, the reason for his life. Just by using the word “pilgrimage”. That one word spoken has given us insight into Jacob’s heart.

Because of that word we know that Jacob didn’t view his earthly life as his final destination. We learn from that one word that he recognized his life as just a journey to get him to a heavenly resting place for eternity.

The word spoken gave reason for Pharaoh to inquire more about Jacob’s life. That word could have been a gateway to conversation about the God he served…an opening for Jacob to testify of The Lord’s presence in his life.

Are you living a life that oozes Christ? Does your devotion to Jesus spill over into even seemingly minuscule opportunities to make Christ known?

Your speech is very telling of your life on earth. One word can testify of your life in Jesus.

Allow The Lord to fill your mouth. Be so devoted to Christ that every word you speak is a testimony to what he has done for you.

Back It Up

I Corinthians 9:14

Ruth 1:15-19

Naomi, her husband and their two sons had left their home years before, traveling to what they thought would be a better life for all of them. Instead, Naomi’s husband and two sons died in the foreign land. Naomi and her daughters in law were on their own.

Both daughters in law offered words of comfort to Naomi. Both spoke words of encouragement to her. But Ruth backed up her words with actions.

Ruth not only told Naomi how much she meant to her and that she would be there for whenever she needed someone…she showed her. Ruth left everything of her former life to become Naomi’s support, both emotionally and financially.

The sincerity of Ruth’s words shone through when she supported them with her actions.

Just don’t watch what you say, show it.


Ephesians 4:29

What a person says speaks a lot about them.

Choose your words wisely.

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