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Using the Word to Encourage Others



A remnant of Israelite captives were saved from the Babylonian King. These people felt blessed and favored by God. So much so that they went to Jeremiah, the prophet, and told him to tell God that they would do whatever he wanted them to do. 

God replied ten days later by telling them to stay put and he would prosper him, he would save them and then he would return them to their own land. He said for them not to flee to Egypt. 

The people responded by calling Jeremiah a liar. Then they directly disobeyed the Lord and went to Egypt.

Probably all of us can say that we’ve been in a similar situation. We’ve been on a spiritual mountain, feeling good and favored when we tell the Lord we’ll do anything for him. We say this because at this moment we know that he is the God that loves us and has the best intentions for us. Then a short period of time passes and we forget that God favors us and wants only what is best. We begin thinking that he has forgotten us and doesn’t care. 

Not true. The God that you were praising in the easy times is the same God you can praise through the difficult times. Listen to the words of encouragement he has spoken to you. Hang on to them. Remind yourself of God’s goodness in your life. Just because he is leading you in a direction you don’t prefer doesn’t mean he has left you. Instead it means he is building you up. He is preparing you a great future. 

Don’t run like the Israelites did. Instead be still, stay rooted and stand strong. Wait to see the goodness of your God. 

Scripture taken from:

Jeremiah 42-43:7

A Good Conversationalist

Psalm 27:14

Habakkuk 2:1-2

A good conversation generally consists of at least two people. Two people that are listening and responding. Two people that are engaged in the topic being discussed.

So why then, when it comes to our prayer life, do we often times have one sided conversations? Conversations that just consist of us making our requests known and usually little else?

How often do we watch for a response? Is it rare for us to quiet ourselves to listen to what God has to say on the matter?

Habakkuk had just finished talking to God. Afterwards he waited to hear what God had to say to him. The Lord answered.

Next time before you abruptly end your prayer time I encourage you to pause and listen for what The Lord has to say to you. Or get into the Word and see what He has already said on the matter.

Keep talking to Jesus about it. Keep listening for His response.

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