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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Worldly Goods

Luke 15:11-13

Colossians 3:2

The father wept as his youngest son left home. His son had chosen material possessions over his family. The lure of having the best of everything and living high class was worth more to the son than the relationships that had taken a lifetime to cultivate.

Material possessions. Worldly goods. They had clouded this man’s vision.
It’s easy for us to see that from the outside looking in.

But what if we’re the ones being consumed? Have you taken a self-inventory lately?

The bible teaches that we are to set our affections on Him, not the things of the earth.

What drives you? Are you sacrificing something priceless for something that can be bought?

Be the Good

Hebrews 13:1

Ruth 2:4-17

Ruth worked from morning until evening. She was determined to be a sufficient provider for herself and her mother in law. Her choice work: gleaning barley in Boaz’s fields.

Boaz took notice of Ruth. He valued the kindness and generosity of Ruth. He knew that the work she was doing, the way she was giving of herself, wasn’t to entirely benefit herself but that she was trying to be a blessing to her mother in law.

Her actions inspired Boaz to treat her with the same kindness and generosity. Instructions were given to allow extra barley fall for Ruth to pick up and for her to eat and drink at his house.

In what way do you react when you see someone give of their self?

Do you turn the other way or do you encourage them?

Boaz noticed the good work Ruth was doing and encouraged her by helping her to obtain her goal more easily.

As Christians we can and should help each other. Take notice of the good works going on around you. Generously give of yourself by saying an encouraging word to them for their efforts or spend time with The Lord on their behalf.

Reward their good works instead of turning the other way.

The Word

Matthew 7:8

What does the Word of God mean to you?

Is it the basis of all your decisions?

Is it the foundation that you’re standing on it?

Is it your hope, comfort and strength?

Or is it just another book to you? One that you read just because you feel obligated?

The Psalmist depended on the Word for answers, guidance and vision. To him it was a lamp unto his feet, a light unto his path.

The psalmist desired a relationship with The Lord. We can see that he spoke to Him often pouring out his heart, giving everything to God. And The Lord would speak to him through the Word.

Pray to have your relationship with Christ be strengthened. Ask The Lord to put that desire on your heart. Then be prepared and willing to grow in your dependence on the Word, because that is one of the most tangible ways The Lord speaks to His children.


Matthew 19:14

“Children are the church of the future.”

We hear that statement a lot. And it is true. But we need not to overlook another truth: children are part of the present church.

Elisha, through the power of God, destroyed a group of children that mocked him.

This tells us two things:

1)children have an affect on those around them

2)God takes children seriously

Teach children the ways of The Lord. Wrap them up in prayer. Welcome them as workers in the kingdom of God.

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