Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others




Paul wrote a letter to Timothy. In part of the letter he asked for Timothy to bring him his coat and his books that he had left behind. 
From this simple request we learn that Paul, one of the most well known ambassadors for Christ, dealt with life not going exactly as he had planned. 
If he had known that he would be spending the colder months confined in Rome surely he would have left his home better prepared. 
Instead of giving up on God and forsaking all godly relationships he asked for his friends to help him. He served the Lord from where he was.
Let’s be like Paul and make the best of unexpected circumstances. God is faithful to use you where you are. Be faithful to him. 
Scripture taken from:

II Timothy 4:13



The Lord chose Amos, a man that had a background in fruit picking and herding animals to become a prophet. 
He had zero experience. Not even a mentor.
But he was the one that God wanted for the job. That was the only qualification needed.
Amos accepted the calling. He was blessed.
The possibilities are endless when a person is willing to surrender themselves to the Lord. 

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