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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Treasure Filled

The man stood gazing out into the field full of treasure. It could be his he was told. 

The man tried to wrap his mind around the proposal: someone had prepared a field full of treasure-just for him. His meager assets, in comparison, would be the only thing he would have to sacrifice to get it. The full price had already been paid. 

It was a no-brainer. Of course he would take the offer!

You are that man. Jesus has prepared the field for you. The treasure is eternal life in heaven. The price has been paid by Christ himself shedding his blood as a remission for our sin. All that’s asked of us is to give ourselves as a living sacrifice in return. 

If you’re still considering the offer, don’t waste another minute. 

If you’ve taken the proposal, wouldn’t you agree that it’s the best decision you’ve ever made? 🙂

Seeking Treasure

Matthew 6:21

John 4:6-30

Do you feel unworthy to be spreading the Gospel? Like what you have to say won’t stick because of who you once were?

Do you feel like you aren’t good enough to tell others about Jesus?

The woman at the well was a Samaritan who had adulterous relationships but spoke about Jesus to whoever she came in contact with.

She didn’t allow her social status and reputation stop her from giving her testimony. She went on doing what she knew was necessary. She shared Jesus.

And Jesus loved her. He accepted her. And He used her testimony to draw other to Him.

So don’t allow society’s standards be your deciding factor in living the Gospel, in sharing your testimony.

Instead be guided by your treasure, Jesus. He should be the only one at the center of your heart dictating your decisions.

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