Matthew 3:1

John 15:13-15

How are you known among men?

John, Jesus’ cousin was known as John the Baptist.

My husband is known as Trae the Preacher.

My sister can be referred to as Cassi the Teacher.

Why? Because that’s what they do for Jesus, or in John’s case, did for Jesus.

What is the title that describes what you do for Christ?

Jenni the Singer.

Pam the Music Director.

Maybe you are Ann the Lady with a Smile on Her Face Who Pushes the Second Walmart Buggy to the Vehicle for a Worn Out Mom of Three.

(Thank you to the several “Ann’s” out there. You were Jesus in disguise to me. :))

But the greatest title that any of us can have: Friend of God.

Because you are for Him. You do as He has commanded.

But not just that. Because the friendship began when Jesus died for you. He loved you so much that He laid down His life for you, His friend.

What a blessed friendship to take part in.

…Codi the Friend of God.