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I Kings 17:8-16
A widowed woman was facing a trying time. She was the sole provider for herself and her son. And she was living in a drought. She was down to the end of her supply. She had gathered two sticks and was going home to make the last meal.
On her way home she met Elijah, the man of God who had prophesied the drought. He asked her for some water. As she turned to go get it he also asked her to make him some food. She argued that she and her son were on the brink of death and that she had only enough ingredients for one last meal. 
There was no way that the three of them could be sustained with the amount of food that was left. Elijah’s response: Don’t worry. Go on and make the meal. Just let me eat first then you and your son can eat. God will bless you for taking care of me. You’ll have enough ingredients to get you through the drought.
She did it. She went and made the meal and served Elijah first. And The Lord blessed her just as Elijah said He would.
Have you ever been in that place where the situation didn’t seem like it could get any worse just find out that it could? You had been asked to do the impossible and if you accepted the challenge you would be blessed. But everything in you was telling you to just go find your own way and you’d figure out the details later.
God sees the situations we are in. He knows how difficult they are for us. But, He, in His infinite wisdom, also sees an opportunity to strengthen us, to grow us. If we are willing to go along with His plan, no matter how outlandish it may seem, the blessings will flow.

Here Am I

Mary could have said ‘not me’ when told that she was chosen to carry Jesus in her womb, to be His mother. She had the same free will that we have today.

But can you imagine the blessings she would have missed out on if she refused to follow God’s plan for her life?

We are given a choice. Our response can be ‘not me’ or it can be ‘here am I’. How will you respond when called by the Lord?

Pillow to Pillar

Romans 8:28

Jacob methodically stacked the stones. He was creating a pillar to worship The Lord, who had blessed him in a dream the night before.

The use of these stones were a picture of God’s presence in his life.

Before his encounter with God the stones were just used for comfort as pillows. But now? Now they were being used as a tool to worship The Lord.

Jesus can take the things in our life that we think are of no consequence and use them for His glory.

We need to be willing to give everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem and turn it over to His authority.

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