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#winning Peace

“Peace isn’t a result of an absence of conflict. Instead, peace is a constant in our lives when we live in the will of our Savior.” …#winning Wisdom for God’s Warriors

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What’s with the Flag?

So how does a book with #winning as the title have a picture of a white flag of surrender?? It wasn’t the original plan, I’ll tell you that. I had a completely different vision. But, when the proof came back for me to sign off on, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have a peace about it. I talked to my group that has helped me with several decisions concerning this book over the past couple of years (Dad, Mom, Cass, Jeffrey, Tim, Kayla, Sarah and of course Trae) While I was talking to Mom and Dad, Mom suggested a flag. Immediately the white flag came to my mind. As soon as we hung up I prayed for the Lord to give me confirmation that the white flag was to be on the cover. The very next words I heard were “white flag in the wind” from the song Air I Breathe by Mat Kearney playing on Klove. I knew then that the Lord wanted that as the cover for #winning. So, here’s a special shout out to my mother. I am so glad that she is sensitive to the Lord’s voice and willing to act on it. Also, I am super grateful and continuing to stand in awe that Jesus, the King of Kings, cares about our details!!

#winning pics

The wise warrior determines to follow Jesus. Wisdom is paired with peace, frightens Satan and glorifies God. We are victorious in this life and in eternity when we depend on God’s wisdom to protect us and steady us as we battle and share the Gospel of Christ. We learn wisdom through the prompting of the Spirit and the study of the Word. Surrendering ourselves to resort to God’s teachings versus our own ideas takes initiative and determination. However, in this context, surrendering doesn’t mean that we give up; it means we are winning.

Qualified to Work

Zacharias and Elisabeth. Two people in history that were chosen to be part of God’s plan. This couple would become parents to John the Baptist, the forerunner to Jesus.

What made them so special? Luke 1:6 tells us that they were righteous and blameless.

Our righteousness was as filthy rags….until we accepted Christ’s. We were guilty of sin….until Jesus washed it away.

Because of Jesus, God looks at you, Child of God, as righteous and blameless. You are now qualified to do great things for God’s kingdom. Don’t allow self-doubt deter you from following Christ’s leading. He is covering you and preparing the way.

#winning pics

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Show Me #winning

Books are rolling in!!!! I am so excited! 🎉 When you get your copy of #winning will you post a pic in the comment section please?? I’d love to share it!! If you’d like #winning for yourself you can get it on AMAZON PRIME or @WestBowPress. Links below. 👇🏻




“When we stop relying on the Word and start believing our flesh we have set ourselves up for misery.” 🏳Wisdom for God’s Warriors🏳#winning AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2017


The title of my new book is:


Wisdom for God’s Warriors 
I  am super excited to share this news with you. #winning will be available NEXT MONTH! 

#winning is a biblical study guide intended to help the person battle wisely as he/she lives for Christ. 

Same Scripture

“Have courage.” “Don’t be afraid.” “God is with me.” “Go.” Joshua 1:9 has a very special place in my family’s hearts. It was the scripture that led us to KY. Today God used it again to comfort us as we enter into another phase of life.
The Word of the Lord is alive. Be careful not to skim over scripture because you think there isn’t anything you can gain from it. If the Lord has led you to it, then he has something for you. 


A little disclaimer: We are not moving again. All of the kids are school age for the first time and we are preparing for the upcoming year. 😬

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