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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Prayers for Boldness

Paul was very vocal in advocating the early church. He was a missionary. He even penned down the majority of the Word. 

In the midst of all of these works he was asking for prayer for himself. He needed people to pray that he would be bold in opening his mouth, in spreading the gospel. 

Essentially he was relying completely on God to continue to use him. In Jesus, Paul found his strength.

That same Jesus wants to use us. Let us be bold like Paul and take our petitions before God. Ask for courage. He alone is the one to provide strength, opportunities and blessings. 

Scripture taken from:

Ephesians 6:19

wisdom served

 “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies…”
In the midst of your battle seek God’s Word. Purpose yourself to get into it, to sit down, to take time and be filled.
Battles aren’t the time to deny the fellowship of the Lord instead they are a time in which we should seek His face. 
He has wisdom for you, ready and waiting to be served. 

eat up


Thou preparest a table for me in the presence of mine enemies… Psalm 23:5
Perhaps you wouldn’t choose to have a meal at this time. But even when life is hard, even when you are being battled Jesus is still wanting to feed us, to grow us, to encourage us to rest in Him.
Be sure to feast on the Word when you are dealing with life. It’ll strengthen you, giving you energy to go on. 

Your History


Goliath’s sword had quite the history with David. It was the weapon used to dismember Goliath’s head from his body.

Goliath’s sword was also the weapon David used to cut a piece of clothing off of Saul while he slept in a cave.

David was able to make use of the victories God had previously given him. He was able to take from his past to help him in the present.

Have you made a habit of doing the same thing?

Bring to remembrance the times that God has provided for you. Write them down. Meditate on them.

Because going to your history with God will strengthen you as you walk in the here and now.

I Timothy 6:19

I Samuel 21:9

To Each Their Own


James 1:17

Psalm 136:1-26

Sihon and Og. Ever heard of them?

I hadn’t. Until this morning. I was reading is Psalm all about the creation of the earth, the deliverance from Egypt and then surprisingly the defeat of Og and Sihon was squeezed into the middle of the account.

Immediately I was intrigued. What had happened here to get mentioned with the ranks of creation and parting of the Red Sea? I searched the scriptures looking for more information.

But about the only thing I could find was that God had defeated them. Plain and simple.

To us (at least to me) it isn’t as clear why those victories were important enough to be mentioned throughout the Old Testament. But to the Israelites it was obviously a point of strength.

Isn’t that like our history with Jesus?

Surely you’ve been through things that to others would seem insignificant but to you they are an aid to your faith.

I have.

Paul’s imprisonment changed my life. It was the revelation that Paul penned down the Word from prison, effecting millions, that encouraged me to look for ways to reach people from within my home.

Before The Lord had shown me Paul’s bondage from this perspective I was discouraged with thoughts of “I’m not able to do anything for The Lord because I’m not in the public.” But knowing that Paul reached others while in bondage gave me courage to seek a way to have an effect on others lives on a daily basis even though I wouldn’t actually be with them.

From the synopsis of Paul’s imprisonment this blog (my tool to encourage other Christians) was born.

Just like Og and Sihon didn’t have a large effect on me, most likely Paul’s imprisonment hasn’t had the same effect on you. Maybe it has. Regardless, his story has effected me like the stories of Og and Sihon effected the Israelites.

Jesus knows exactly how to speak to His children. He knows how to encourage us. Cling to what He has given you, no matter of what importance it is to someone else.

Influential People

Joshua 24:15

Matthew 26:31-35

Matthew 26:69-75

Peter was in shock. How could his beloved friend and teacher think that he would ever deny Him? Wasn’t his loyalty to help serve with Him, to support Him, to always be there with Him enough proof that He would never deny Him?

But just as Jesus had said he would Peter denied Him three times.

Why would Peter confidently say that he would never deny Christ and then boldly deny Him on three separate occasions?

There is a stark difference in the situations in which Peter spoke: the people.

When Peter said he wouldn’t ever deny Jesus, Jesus was with him. Peter was also surrounded by other disciples that were living their lives for Jesus too.

Fast forward to the night of Peter’s denial. Christ wasn’t with Peter, He had been taken away. None of the fellow disciples were with Peter, he was alone.

To avoid faltering like Peter we need to accept Christ into our daily walk and choose to surround ourselves with those that are likeminded.

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