Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



False Security

Joseph was told to pack up his family and leave their country because Herod was looking to destroy Jesus.

It may have seemed extreme to Joseph. He may have thought “I can protect my own”.

Regardless of what he may or may not have thought he moved his family out of there. He realized that there was no time for taking unnecessary risks.

The Spirit warns us. It teaches us where to go. It directs our steps. If you are feeling led in a different direction, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, follow the Spirit. Don’t risk harm to yourself or family because of a false sense of self-proclaimed security.

Game Changer


Peter adamantly denied Christ. Even though he had told Jesus that he would die for him rather than to deny him. But when he was alone in the world, facing others, he turned his back against his Lord.

Not very long after Peter’s infamous denial we read of his first message given to the church through the Holy Spirit. In this case Peter boldly declared Christ before the men and women. He preached Jesus and him crucified and risen again. The boldness Peter possessed was a stark contrast to his cowardliness only months before.

The difference in Peter? The Spirit.

Peter found strength to stand for Jesus because the Spirit was comforting him, making him bold, giving him strength. He was no longer alone; Christ lived within him.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit can have that type of an effect on us too. Allow God to work through you.

Immediate Obedience

Romans 10:17

The angel of The Lord led Philip into the desert. Philip waited. As time passed a chariot traveled toward him. The Spirit told Philip to go to the chariot.

Meanwhile, in the chariot was the treasurer of Queen Candace. He had been reading the scriptures and was intrigued by a prophecy of Isaiah’s about Jesus’ crucifixion. He was unable to comprehend it. He needed someone to explain it to him.

And that’s when Philip and the Ethiopian treasurer met. At the exact time when the treasurer needed teaching Philip was there to teach him. When the treasurer decided that he wanted to live his life for Jesus, Philip was there to lead him to The Lord. After he accepted Jesus as his savior they looked out the window and saw water and the treasurer was baptized.

Timing was key. It was no coincidence that Philip arrived as soon as the treasurer began dwelling on the scripture about Jesus’ sacrifice. It also wasn’t a coincidence that after he was saved they passed by water, in the middle of a desert, to be baptized.

The Spirit had told Philip to go to the chariot at just the right time. Philip didn’t argue that the people within the chariot would refuse him. He didn’t worry that he wouldn’t know what to say. He wasn’t concerned with his surroundings. The Spirit said go and he went. He ran to the chariot.

Philip’s immediate obedience to the Spirit allowed him to be a part of the biggest blessing in a person’s life: coming to Christ.

God’s Dwelling Place

I Corinthians 3:16

You chose to open yourself to the Spirit of God when you chose to become a follower of Christ. You became His dwelling place.

Your outlook becomes founded with hope and your future is full of promise spent with Jesus. This new joy within you is seen by others in your cheerful countenance.

Your life won’t be the only one affected when the Spirit of God dwells within you.

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