Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others




When we follow the commandments that God has given, we are replacing the opportunity to be disobedient. When we are consumed with exalting others, we are unconcerned with self-boasting. This not only benefits your walk with Jesus, but it also benefits those around you. 


Jonathan didn’t just comply to God’s will but he proactively participated in seeing that it came to pass. 

Looking Out For You

Joash, at age seven, had just been anointed King by his uncle Jehoiada. Joash walked in the courts surrounded by people singing praises, playing instruments and his grandmother yelling “treason!”.

Immediately Jehoiada had her detained, taken from the courts and slain for her act of treason and previous murders. 

Joash was able to stay upon the throne unharmed because Jehoiada was looking out for him. He knew that the grandmother had only intended harm for the boy. Instead of allowing Joash to be caught off guard Jehoiada stepped in and stood in the gap between the two. 

Christians we should be the same way. We should be looking out for each other. We shouldn’t just sit by and wait for our brothers or sisters to be pounced. We are the body of Christ that needs to stick together. 

Scripture taken from:

II Chronicles 23:12-15


Jehoshabeath hid her infant nephew, Joash for six years. Joash didn’t realize that he was being protected from the enemy. He didn’t understand that he was being nurtured and groomed to take over as King of the country. He just lived as his aunt told him. As a result he flourished under her care. When time came for him to come out of hiding Joash was prepared. 

Christ is wanting to nurture you to prepare you for your next phase of life. Don’t scoff at what you see as missed opportunities; it’s a way of God protecting you. Don’t dread the studying of the word; it’s a way for God to grow you. 

Instead remember that the God who knows the future has great plans for you. You can trust him. 

Scripture taken from:

II Chronicles 22:11-12

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