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Using the Word to Encourage Others




Self-control is a needful virtue. The Word teaches that the absence of it is like a city without walls. 

You’re opening yourself up to destruction if you choose not to use it. 

Take A Hike

Proverbs 21:19
Why do you think the bible teaches that it is better for a man to go to the wilderness rather than to stay in the house with a contentious and angry woman?

I’m thinking that maybe it’s to save the purity of the relationship.

Because when tempers flare and there is someone there to argue with more often than not someone is going to speak too harshly…either in words said or tones used.

So next time you’re about to lose it I encourage you to take a breather. The time spent regrouping is well worth the damage control that you’ll be able to avoid later.


Anger Issues?

James 1:19

I Samuel 19:9-10

Saul, with the intent to kill, hurled a javelin at David. On two separate occasions.

David didn’t retaliate. Instead he removed himself from the situation.

How often do we feel compelled to fight for our opinion? To destroy relationships just so that we get our way?

David shows us that being “slow to wrath” is beneficial to us. I’m sure it was embarrassing, maddening even, but he kept control. Saul eventually had his kingdom taken from him and given to David.

Follow the Word of our Lord. You dictate your actions.


Proverbs 16:3

Do you struggle with fear? Worry? Pride?

Do you find yourself thinking on things that aren’t of The Lord?

The Bible gives us a solution to these problems: work for Him.

So when you find yourself starting to get overwhelmed with negative thinking try that approach.

Pray for fellow Christians, pray for lost loved ones, read your bible, sing….any work of The Lord…just stop letting your mind run wild and focus in on Jesus and doing His will.

Keep Calm

James 1:20

Don’t make hasty decisions in anger.

Keep calm and take it to Jesus instead.

He will work righteousness into the situation.


Proverbs 25:28

A comparison of two cities are given in the bible. One has been broken down, become desolate, and protection is nonexistent. The other sets on a hill, hard to be reached by the enemy. It’s industry is flourishing, a person can see the lights of it from miles away.

Our goal: to be like the city on the hill.

But how do we reach that goal?

Practice self control.

Deny your tendencies to rage in anger, to become jealous of your neighbor, to see yourself better than others, whatever isn’t of God get rid of it.

Be that booming city instead of one that lies in waste.

Keep in control of your spirit.

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