I Kings 19:4-8

John 3:30

Elijah sat underneath of a juniper tree begging The Lord to take his life. He was overcome with emotion. He was tired of running. He didn’t enjoy the solitarily that came with serving God. He wanted nothing more for himself than death.

Then God sent an angel. The angel told Elijah to arise and eat. On the nearby rock bread had been provided. Also near him was water to drink.

Elijah followed the angel’s command even though he knew it went directly against his prayer. He knew the food and water would nourish him. By eating and drinking it he was showing God that he would follow the divine plan for his life rather than to succumb to his own desires.

Elijah decided to allow God’s will abound in him.

How about you? Are you denying yourself, allowing only Jesus full reign in your life?