Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Learn the Tactics

Moses and Aaron sent spies to check out Cannan. 

They sent them so that they could learn how the enemy lived and what their strengths and/or weaknesses were. They didn’t plan on facing the battle unprepared. 

We could learn from them.

Recognize what Satan could use to attack you: lies, jealousy, idleness, pity, fear, etc. If you deal with these know that they aren’t of the Lord. Realize that you are in a battle that needs to be fought and won. 

The best warriors don’t just happen upon a win. They recognize the enemy and devote themselves completely to winning the fight.

Listen Cautiously


Judges 16:15-30

I Thessalonians 5:22

Questions can turn a persons world upside down. They can even cause you to waiver in your faith.

Samson allowed himself to become weakened by listening to the same question over and over: “where does your strength come from?”

Finally he answered Deliliah. That was the death of him and three thousand other people.

Be careful not to entertain what you know to be foolish questions. Because after a while of being bombarded by them they may seem more legit.

Instead go straight to the Word and cling to it for answers. The Truth will never lead you astray.

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