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Our Righteousness

Every person is in need of a sacrifice to cleanse them from sin. Jesus’ blood is the only pure, unblemished and holy sacrifice that is capable of doing that. Our righteousness is solely dependent upon how we respond to Christ.

If we have accepted Christ’s sacrifice we have his righteousness. If we deny him we are stuck with the righteousness that is as filthy rags.

So if we are given the exact same options, why do some perceive that they are more righteous than others?

Don’t be proud, boastful, or haughty. We are adopted into the family of God because of Jesus, not based on our own merit.

He Saw it Coming

Jesus knew that he’d have to go head to head with the devil in the wilderness. He knew that his best friends would fail Him when He needed them the most. He knew each piece of the crucifixion He would have to endure.

Jesus didn’t blindly walk in to becoming flesh. He is the Word. He knew what He had coming…yet He still chose to come to earth for you. Let that love sink in.

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…” (John 1:1

Born to Die

Of every man, woman and creature, Jesus is the only one that has ever chosen to be born. He is also the only one who knew that in choosing life He was ultimately choosing death. Literally, He was born to die.

While surrounded by legions of angel worshippers, in such a place of beauty that we can’t even fathom, He chose to leave it all to be born in a lowly manger. He left it all so that He could become our righteousness through the death of the cross.

“He was born to die” may seem like a morbid Christmas greeting at first. But if you know Him, if you call Jesus your Savior, then the greeting doesn’t just give you reason to celebrate this wonderful season, it gives you reason to live.

II Corinthians 5:21

Sacrifice Given 

The children of Israel were given strict directions when choosing a sacrifice for the Passover. They had to choose a first year male goat or sheep, without blemish on the tenth day of the month. Then they had to keep it until the fourteenth day before they were to kill it that evening. Next they were told how to apply it to their doorframe. Strict orders were also given on how to eat and dispose of the sacrifice. Even their dress code and speed at which they ate were dictated to them.
Today a sacrifice for sin is still needed.
Unlike the Israelites, none of the pressure of securing a perfect sacrifice is laid on us. Jesus was the perfect Lamb chosen by God. Jesus came to this earth as the firstborn Son of God and of Mary. He came without spot or blemish and died after living a perfect and sinless life. He met all of the requirements of a perfect sacrifice. God’s choice was perfect.
But, just like the Israelites, we are responsible for what we do with the sacrifice once it has been offered. We have to choose to apply the blood of Jesus to our life. After that He will gladly lead and guide us in every detail of our life if we surrender it to Him.
How grateful we should be that our perfect Lamb has already been chosen and sacrificed. All we have to do was accept it.

Mercy Not Sacrifice

The Israelite people had been doing an okay job of following the laws God has put in place. But their hearts weren’t in it. He said to his people “I desired mercy, and not sacrifice.” Because just going through the religious ropes weren’t enough. 

Later Jesus sat at the table with sinners, ministering to them. The Pharisees rebuked him. They were appalled that he would be seen with those people. Jesus said “Go ye and learn what that meaneth ‘I will have mercy, and not sacrifice:'” They were being taught that living according to the law isn’t superior to living in the grace of God. 

I say “I will wholeheartedly ask for the mercy of Jesus and not depend upon any works that I can offer.” Because if God and Jesus taught it I want to live it. 

Scripture based on:

Hosea 6:6

Matthew 9:10-13

Blood Donor


Yesterday my husband gave blood.

He came home with a red wrapping on his arm. Our chickadees started asking questions. 
This was the bulk of my reply: “Your daddy gave blood to help someone live longer. But you know what is really impressive? Jesus. He gave His blood so people can live for eternity.”
God is so good to us!



One of the many reasons that our armed forces fight is for religious freedom.

I encourage you to exercise your rights today  by acknowledging what Jesus did for you on the cross of Calvary. 
A Memorial Day celebration could be the perfect leeway to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sacrificial Love


Sacrificial love:

It puts others’ needs first.

It’s a love that you can see.

It’s a love more than just emotion. It’s an action.

Jesus, leaving heaven to come to earth as a baby, giving his life for you, is the ultimate example of the sacrificial love.

Show your love for him. Sacrifice your fleshly desires to live a righteous life that glorifies Jesus.

Alone Time


Abraham and Isaac had traveled three days with a group of men. On the third day they climbed a mountain by themselves.

God met them in their solitude.

He provided for them in a way that they had never experienced before. He made himself known to them in a way that they would never forget.

While they were alone.

Jesus will meet with you too. Carve out time for him in your day to day. Personally seek His face. And then be ready to experience the presence of your Savior.

Genesis 22:1-14

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