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Revival in the Land: Part 4 of 4

Revival in the Land: Part 4 of 4
King Josiah was intent on seeing only God glorified in his life and his country’s people. He had just stood before them proclaiming that he would only lead in the worshipping of the one true God. He invited them to join him in this new way of life. The people supported his decision. Josiah then followed through on his words by destroying all of the false gods in the land and setting in order the Passover of the Lord. Josiah’s personal revival was impacting his country.
The stand you take for the Lord not only fuels your own revival but it allows those around you to see that you are committed to honoring God’s will in your life. This living testimony has the potential to cause others to seek God’s goodness and will in their own lives. 
Revival for your soul is personal but the results of it can change the land.
Scripture taken from: II Kings 23:4-23

Revival in the Land: Part 1 of 4 

Revival in the Land: Part 1 of 4
King Josiah had inherited a land full of idol worship and a temple that was in need of repair. His country was on the path of destruction and he was going down with it. 
Years later Josiah finally took notice of the Lord’s temple in the downward spiral. Because of this he decided to take the money allocated for temple renovations and put it to work. His mission was simple: to bring restoration to something that was broken. This would prove to be the very beginning of a revival within the land. 
To say that we want revival within ourselves and our churches is acknowledging the fact that there is room for improvement. When we seek Jesus, looking to be revived we need to be willing to accept whatever reality that he shows us. It may be that we are in need of some “remodeling”. Our willingness to allow the Lord to work in our lives is the beginning of revival for ourselves. 
Scripture taken from: II Kings 22:3-7

A Revival Within

Hezekiah cleared the temple from idol worship. He reinstated the Passover of the Lord. He worshipped God. The majority of the people followed his lead. But some didn’t. Hezekiah kept going strong. He didn’t slow down one bit. 

Because the spiritual awakening of Hezekiah wasn’t dependent upon the people around him. It was dependent on Hezekiah and HIS relationship with God. 

Stop waiting on others to get on board for revival. Instead, follow the leading of your Lord and go forth with the revival of your own soul. Some may follow your lead, some won’t-but regardless you will be experiencing the Lord in a great and powerful way. 

Scripture taken from:

II Chronicles 29-31

The Resurrector


John 6:63

Matthew 9:18-19 & 23-25

The father approached Jesus. His daughter laid in her bed, seemingly dead to all of those around her. Only one thing could bring her back to life: Jesus.

Jesus went to her and she rose up again.

Do you feel like your dead on your feet?

Like the hope you once lived for isn’t worth much to you at all anymore?

Are you in need of a spiritual resuscitation?

If so I have a a suggestion for you: Jesus; The Word made flesh.

Jesus speaks of The Word being “spirit and life”.

So by contrast to not have The Word is death.

If you’re in need of spiritual CPR read your bible. Study it. Listen to music that is based upon it. Meditate upon it. Apply it’s truths to your life. And then be prepared for the feelings of life to resurface again.

Starting Point

Isaiah 57:15

Willingness to be a servant of God.

Completely surrendered to trust Jesus.

Obedient to the commandments of The Lord.

Ezekiel possessed these three qualities. He saw a great revival. Revival from dry bones. Bones that had previously been laying in a valley with no movement. He saw those bones get up and begin walking around as a great army.

Willingness to be a servant of God.

Completely surrendered to trust Jesus.

Obedient to the commandments of The Lord.

Apply these three qualities to your sin free, blood bought life to begin a revival within you.

Ezekiel had an affect on a valley full of dead people.

You could too.

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