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You Reap What You Sow

When your eyes are opened to the life you’re living what do you see?

Can you look around and see evidence of righteousness, mercy and grace?

Or do you look around to only find wickedness, deceit and sin?

Maybe you wonder “How did I get here? What has happened to me?” The answer is: it is what you worked for. The bible teaches that a person reaps what they sow.

If you like what you’re “harvesting” keep “planting the same seeds”. If you are unhappy with your “fruit” it isn’t too late to start “sowing different seeds”.

Performance Based Trap

Baruch read from the scroll “Hear this word. Repent of the wickedness you are living in and God will forgive you. If you don’t this land will be destroyed.”

The king that was listening to the prophecy took the scroll and threw it in the fire. 

Which person do you think God was displeased with? The man who relayed the warning or the king that rejected it?

It’s obvious to us that the king is the one at fault here. But when we find ourselves in a similar situation in which our works or the call to repentance isn’t accepted we are often tempted to think that we must have done something wrong. It isn’t true. People are given a choice to how they will respond. We aren’t held accountable for their decision. We will only be judged based on the intent of our heart. 

Continue to be obedient even when the results aren’t what you had hoped for.



Silas, Timothy and Paul were led of the Spirit to preach Jesus to the Jews in Corinth. 

The message wasn’t well received and neither were they.

But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t quit preaching Jesus. Discouragement didn’t keep them from moving forward in their calling to spread the gospel. 

They just dusted themselves off and kept on working. 

They could do this because they knew what they would be held accountable for: spreading the Gospel, not how people reacted. 

You may not be getting the results you have anticipated or hoped for. But as long as you are being led by the Spirit rest assured you are doing good and right and your work will stand the fire. 

Seeing Results

Matthew 6:6

Joshua was commanded to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground.

The removing of his shoes had significance. It wasn’t just a random commandment of The Lord.

Joshua’s shoes represented the filth of the world that he had been dealing with.

The removal of the shoes teaches us that we are capable of putting all things aside and focusing completely on Jesus.

Just as Joshua was able to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground, you are able to separate yourself from the cares of this world when you commune with Jesus. Begin with prayer. Ask The Lord to change your frame of mind…to lead you…to consume your thoughts.

It will require effort to meet with Jesus fully focused on him. Just as it required effort for Joshua to remove his shoes. You may have to move to a different place. (Maybe from the work area to the kitchen table.) He may have you change the time you meet with Him. (Maybe from a nighttime reading to an early morning devotional.) Just be willing to make any changes He requires of you. The results will be well worth it.

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