Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others





James 2:18

Acts 9:36

If you claim Jesus as your personal savior and believe on him for forgiveness of sin and for eternal life then you are an ambassador for Christ. A representation of the great I Am. You are the light shining into this dark world.

How seriously are you taking this responsibility?

And furthermore, what are you doing to fulfill your role?

Abstaining from sin?

Attending church?

Reading your Bible?

All excellent and needful in any walk with Christ.

But are you also helping others?

In the book of Acts we read about several different people who lived their life following after Jesus. In the introductions of these people it is almost always mentioned that they helped others.

Phillip. Tabitha. Cornelius. All of these devout Christians had the introduction of ministering to the people.

Doesn’t that speak volumes?

Yes, they abstained from sin. I’m sure they gathered with other Christians to draw strength and encouragement. And surely they studied the ways of The Lord.

But their reputation was that they ministered unto others. They helped those in need.

Living a life in which you know Christ as your own is a great blessing. But living a life for Christ in a way that leads others to Him is even greater.

You’ve been blessed. Be a blessing.

Seeking Treasure

Matthew 6:21

John 4:6-30

Do you feel unworthy to be spreading the Gospel? Like what you have to say won’t stick because of who you once were?

Do you feel like you aren’t good enough to tell others about Jesus?

The woman at the well was a Samaritan who had adulterous relationships but spoke about Jesus to whoever she came in contact with.

She didn’t allow her social status and reputation stop her from giving her testimony. She went on doing what she knew was necessary. She shared Jesus.

And Jesus loved her. He accepted her. And He used her testimony to draw other to Him.

So don’t allow society’s standards be your deciding factor in living the Gospel, in sharing your testimony.

Instead be guided by your treasure, Jesus. He should be the only one at the center of your heart dictating your decisions.


I Corinthians 9:14

Joshua 2:1-14

Would someone be willing to risk their life based on the way you live yours?

Rahab was willing to risk her life for the two spies from the children of Israel. She secured them on her rooftop and then told them that she did it because she knew who they served and the greatness of their God.

Their reputation had proceeded them. And it proved to be life saving, not only for themselves but for Rahab and her family.

Our reputations can either help in leading people to The Lord, life, or leading them away from Him, death.

What kind of reputation do you have?

Live so that others will risk everything to live like you.

Lasting Impressions

Hebrews 11:1-2

“The Israelites are going to destroy the enemy. You have been chosen to lead them into battle.”

Barak took that information and chose not to hear what God was saying. God’s message told Barak that He would be with him. That He would fight and win the battle for him. Barak didn’t pay attention to that.

Instead he begged Deborah, the judge who had delivered the message, to go to war with him. He said he wouldn’t go without her. Deborah joined him; on the condition that he wouldn’t be the one to conquer the opposing captain. The battle was won but the captain of the opposing army fled. And just as Deborah had foretold, another person killed the enemy’s captain.

Barak lost out on so much. He missed out on an opportunity to serve God unwavering. His faith in God could’ve been strengthened, instead he relied on man. He could’ve accomplished the task he had been given but another person would have to step in and take over.

Barak’s reliance on others, instead of God, affected his life and the way we remember him. He could’ve been known as a man of great faith. Instead we see him as a person that was weak and unsure.

You are in complete control of the decisions you make to the opportunities that God gives you. Will you rely on others or will you rely on God alone? Your reputation and legacy are on the line. Choose wisely.

Predictable Peculiarity

I Peter 2:1-10

Onesimus, a servant of Philemon’s has stolen from his master and fled. Along the way Onesimus meets Paul and gives his life to Jesus, the same as Philemon had done before. Paul is now returning Onesimus to Philemon and asking that Philemon receive him as a brother and not a criminal. Paul believes Philemon will be merciful to Onesimus. Paul could make this prediction because of the life that Philemon was living. Philemon was peculiar. He was known as a man that had a love for Jesus and lived his life according to His teachings.

Followers of Jesus are to be a peculiar people. We know that we are peculiar because to us Jesus is precious and we have a desire to apply The Word to our life. Others can see our peculiarity when we walk with purpose in the light being merciful to others because we have obtained mercy.

Would an onlooker be able to predict your peculiarity if you were faced with a situation similar to Philemon’s?

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