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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Keep Walking 

Jeremiah preached to the people in hopes that they would turn from their wickedness.

Instead of being appreciative for Jeremiah looking out for them they ridiculed his efforts and completely rejected his warning. 

Jeremiah talked to the Lord about how their rejection made him feel: dejected and angry. 

Here’s the thing the Lord reminded me of: he didn’t hold Jeremiah accountable for their response. He kept using Jeremiah, he kept speaking through him. And Jeremiah kept doing as the Lord said. 

People won’t always respond as we hope but we need to keep preaching the gospel, keep sharing the love of God. 

Scripture taken from:

Jeremiah 18:18-20

don’t let it slow you down 


So a door was shut in our faces.

The teenage girls youth group and I had been walking the neighborhood inviting people to church. 

So from the doorstep I, as the youth leader, had to make a decision:

1) call it an evening and not go to the rest of the houses

2) keep attempting to share Christ’s love —also known as “shaking the dust off our feet”

Jesus used the term “shake the dust off your feet” to encourage His followers to not allow rejection to play into their future endeavors.

Paul and Barnabas followed after His teaching when they had been thrown out of Antioch. They didn’t allow disappointment or fear of rejection stop them. They just “shook the dust off their feet” and headed into Iconium, spreading the Gospel.

The girls and I kept at it too. I encourage you to do the same. Take the teachings of Christ and apply them to your life today. 



James 4:8

II Chronicles 30:1-27

The invitation had been sent out before the people: Passover was to be celebrated once again.

Some people laughed, mocking the thought of it…they had forgotten what The Lord had brought them out of. They chose to distance themselves from The Lord.

Others risked public rejection to make it to the assembly…they came unclean, but hopeful to participate. They wanted to draw closer to God.

Their choices dictated the consequences. The people that rejected God’s invitation missed out on the blessings of The Lord. The people that came unclean were made pure and rejoiced in the joy that they had obtained.

God has invited you to draw closer to him…in what way will you respond?

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