Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Let your light shine

Elijah called fire down from heaven to consume the burnt sacrifices. This act was used to remind the Israelites that God was the one to be reverenced, not Baal.

Fast forward to Jesus’ ministry on earth.
James and John were with Jesus as He was rejected by the Samaritans. Immediately they asked if they could call down fire to destroy the people for their rudeness, citing Elijah’s fire experience. 
Jesus said “I’m not here to destroy man. I’m here to save them.”
That was the difference between Elijah’s experience and James and John’s. Elijah wanted to save. James and John wanted to destroy. 
How do you react when your Jesus is rejected? Do you write those people off or is your reaction one that still points them to Christ?
Use the gifts you’ve been given to lead others to Jesus, not to condemn them. 


Godly Reverence


Joshua kicked his shoes off as quickly as he could. He had just been told, by an angel of The Lord, that he was on holy ground.

How do you react when you are in the presence of God?

Do you have an “it’s about time you showed up” attitude?

Or do you worship him, humbled and grateful for the experience of being acknowledged by the Creator?

Appreciate God’s presence in your life, even if you aren’t agreeable to the plan. Because God loves you enough to devote time to you and He is working it to your good.

Joshua 5:13-15

Psalm 33:8

Leaping For Joy

Luke 1:41

John leaped in his mother, Elisabeth’s womb when he sensed Jesus was near.

How do you react when you acknowledge God’s presence in your life?

Are you grateful that The Lord has chosen to involve Himself into your day to day walk? Or are you put off by the fact that He wants to mold you and make you into what He would have you to be, perhaps going against your desires?

The way you’re living, the priorities of your life will dictate how you feel about God’s presence.

Live so that, like John, you enjoy being with Jesus.

Initial Reaction

Luke 6:45

A crowd had gathered. In the midst of them was a woman with a blood issue. She knew she needed to just touch Jesus’ clothes and she’d be healed. Jesus noticed when she touched him. He asked who had touched him. Trembling, she came before The Lord and bowed. She was whole. A walking miracle.

A crowd had gathered outside of a young girl’s house. She was perceived as being dead. Jesus arrived on the scene. He said she would be healed. The crowd laughed. Jesus told them to leave. The crowd was unable to witness the healing of the girl.

When Jesus asked who had been healed the woman humbly bowed herself before The Lord. By doing this she was strengthened and drew closer to Jesus.

The crowd mocked Him when he spoke words of comfort about the little girl’s situation. Their initial reaction caused them to be commanded to leave, putting distance between themselves and The Lord.

Our initial reaction to The Lord speaking to us not only has an affect on our relationship with Christ but it teaches us about ourselves as followers of Him. Live a life of humbleness. Be willing to lay it all on the line for the Lord. Draw closer to The Lord now so that when He speaks to you your initial reaction won’t be one of disrespect and unbelief.

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