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Blessings of Today

I think it’s very interesting that Elijah wasn’t told to leave his source of water until it had completely dried up.

If it had been me I would have probably left to start searching for another water source long before it ran dry. 

How often do we leave the blessings of today behind because we’re searching for tomorrow’s?  

A prayer I’ll pray for myself and maybe one you could say too: “Help me Jesus to not 

be so concerned with the future that I miss out on what you are doing in my life today.”

Scripture taken from:

I Kings 17: 1-9

Still Good

Six of the seven days a week God would send manna to feed the Israelites. The seventh day was the day to rest and eat what they had been given the day before. 

The lack of fresh food on each seventh day was in no way a slight to the Israelites. God had already supplied their nourishment the day before . They needed to eat on what had already been supplied. It would get them through to the first day of the week. 

At times we may struggle with discontentment. We may think that God doesn’t care about us because we don’t see any new evidence of him in our lives…we may feel like we are living on the seventh day. 

But the older blessings from prior days still count. They are a reminder of his love towards us. They are still praiseworthy. And they should be enough to sustain us until we feel the blessings coming fresh again. 

Scripture taken from: 

Exodus 16:15-26

II Peter 3:1-2

Use the Tools You’ve Been Given

It was time for war. God told his people to make their plowshares into swords and their pruninghooks into spears. 

Basically: use what I’ve given you. 

God has equipped us with exactly what we need to fight for Him. Recognize the tools you already have and follow after Him. 

He’s Already There


As a teenager I had always dreamed of marrying a brown eyed preacher boy. 

Those were my qualifications of my future spouse.
Now I see the blessings that come with marrying a man that is willing to lead in God’s wisdom, one that is quick to forgive and grant grace and one that nurtures his children in love.
I didn’t know to ask for those things at that time. But God’s grace was abundant. He was answering far beyond my prayers when he gave me the desire of my teenage heart. 
On our thirteenth wedding anniversary I am reminded and so grateful that Jesus is directing His children’s steps and that He’s working it all out for good, every step of the way–even when we’re oblivious. 

Accept the Blessing


People in Jerusalem were in the midst of a famine.

Did God send them manna from above? No.

Did Jesus bless five loaves and two fishes to feed that multitude? No.

Instead the people were fed through the generosity of the church, God’s people.

The method wasn’t miraculous but it was sufficient.

Have you ever been in the place where you’ve rejected God’s blessing because you were wanting something “better”?

Whatever or however God sees fit to provide for you is best. Gratefully accept his loving-kindness, his provision, no matter how it may come.

Philippians 4:19

Acts 11:27-30

Pout or Praise


Are you allowing yourself hopelessness in place of hopefulness?

Hagar had every reason to be hopeful when she left Abraham’s camp. Not because he had provided some essentials for her but because of a conversation she had with the angel of The Lord prophesying a multitude of descendants from her seed.

But instead of focusing on God’s promises she focused on her current situation: she had little to live on, no plan and no help. She prepared herself and her son to perish.

When she should have been praising she was pouting.

God saw fit, as he always does, to keep his promises. He miraculously provided for Hagar and her son. Her eyes were opened to a well in the wilderness. Hagar and Ishmael would survive.

Hopefulness reigned in Hagar’s life again. God blessed in the way that he said he would. A nation descended from Ishmael.

Christian, don’t allow your hope in The Lord to decline when situations don’t look promising. He is always working things for your good. Praise him no matter how dire the situation seems.

Genesis 16:7-11

Genesis 21:14-21

Romans 8:28

Snapshot Of Our Life

Psalm 40:2

Jeremiah 52:31-34

Jehoiachin, the King of Judah was put into the pit of a Babylonian prison. For four years he lived in captivity. Jehoiachin ate the same as the others. He wore the same prisoner garb. He was treated as if he weren’t a former king.

Then he found favor with the new Babylonian King.

Jehoiachin was promoted from the bonds that he was under. He was given a new change of clothes. He was seated at the King’s table for the rest of his life. Again he became royalty.

Isn’t that a beautiful picture? Someone taken from captivity and given a new life to live as royalty.

It’s the picture of us.

Regardless of what our earthly title or occupation was we were once bound by the chains of sin in need of redemption. Then Jesus came and called us out. He changed us. He made us royalty; heirs to His throne. And from now to eternity we can feast daily on the Bread of Life and drink of the Living Water.

You’ve been called out. Enjoy the freedom you’ve been given.

Well Equipped

Psalm 119:140

The Philistines felt nothing but hatred in their hearts toward Samson. They were ready to destroy him. Samson stood bound by cords, without a way to defend himself. As the Philistines shouted, taunted and verbally tormented Samson the Spirit of The Lord descended upon him. The cords were loosened. A weapon to defeat the Philistines was provided:

The jawbone of an ass.

Samson needed water. Single handily, he had just destroyed a thousand Philistine men. He was weakened and thirsty. Samson couldn’t find anything to drink from. Then The Lord provided water for him.

In the jawbone of an ass.

The jawbone was the only tool that Samson could have used to defeat the enemy. It was also the instrument that was a available to sustain his life. The jawbone had dual purposes.

The Word. It has dual purpose in our walk with Christ. The Lord has provided it to be used as a weapon to defeat our enemy. He has also given it to us to use as a source to draw life from.

Samson used what The Lord provided him with. You do the same. Use The Word to fight your battles and to lead you down paths of righteousness.

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