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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Rags to Riches

Isaiah told the people “see these places of desolation–you’ll build it again through God’s power. These cities that you have written off–God is going to make them great.”

Instead of cities think about an area of your life that you’ve given up on–an area that you think no good could ever come of…

Relationships can be restored. Careers will prosper. Hold on. Follow after Jesus. He can turn rags to riches. 

Recipe for Success


Psalm 37:3

II Chronicles 17:1-12

Jehoshaphat was a king that loved God and kept his commandments. He protected the walls of his cities with armies of men. He removed false gods from within his kingdom. He also had the book of the law of The Lord taught throughout his land.

As a result he was honored by God, respected by man and his kingdom was made to prosper.

Most of us are looking for those same results. Simply follow Jehoshaphat’s example.

Make Jesus your King. Be conscious of what you allow in your life. Remove yourself from temptations. And diligently study the Word.

With your focus on Christ and ban on Satan your life will show the same results Jehoshaphat reaped.

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