Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Time for Work

“So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.” Nehemiah 4:6

The people didn’t wait on the wall to miraculously build itself. They didn’t wait on someone else to come in and build it for them. They. built. it. 

Following the Lord’s will takes effort. If we are going to grow as Christians, if the kingdom of God is going to be added to then we need to get to work. 

Pray. Study. Listen. Move forward with the ministry he has put on your heart instead of trying to give it someone else. Be a responsible Christian. You, others and God’s kingdom will benefit from your work for the Lord.  

Keep Walking 

Jeremiah preached to the people in hopes that they would turn from their wickedness.

Instead of being appreciative for Jeremiah looking out for them they ridiculed his efforts and completely rejected his warning. 

Jeremiah talked to the Lord about how their rejection made him feel: dejected and angry. 

Here’s the thing the Lord reminded me of: he didn’t hold Jeremiah accountable for their response. He kept using Jeremiah, he kept speaking through him. And Jeremiah kept doing as the Lord said. 

People won’t always respond as we hope but we need to keep preaching the gospel, keep sharing the love of God. 

Scripture taken from:

Jeremiah 18:18-20

freedom granted


Joshua stood before The Lord awaiting the sentence. He had just been put on trial, prosecuted by Satan himself. As he anxiously awaits the verdict he knows it doesn’t look good. The arguments made against him were valid. He had made many mistakes in the past. 

His head dropped as he realized that his future hung in the balance and that his end was coming up short. 

Satan was silenced as the Judge spoke, “This man will not be tried based on who he once was.” 

The sentence was given: freedom to move forward. 

Joshua’s head jerked up as he stared at the Judge.

“Joshua has been forgiven of all his past sin. I no longer hold him accountable. He has been awarded a fresh start.”

Satan stood beside Joshua defeated. 

Joshua stood before The Lord sinless, without fault.

And in this we see a picture of ourselves.

Christian, remember that when Satan stands beside you, buffeting you, that Jesus is standing before you, calling you to freedom. He no longer holds you accountable for past sin. Don’t allow the Naysayer deter you from living a life of victory. 

Reach out to Jesus instead of falling into step with the enemy.

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