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prodigal son

Peace in God’s Will

“We’d rather be in the will of The Lord hours from family and everything we have ever known than out of His will surrounded by the ones we love and familiar with our surroundings.”
That was the answer we’d give folks when they’d ask why we’d move so far away from home. It was our mantra for packing up our family and moving a day’s trip away.
But our four year old needed more of an illustration than an explanation. So The Lord gave me the story of the prodigal son.
It went something like this: “See Punkin, the boy was living with his daddy right where God had put him but he decided that he didn’t like where God wanted him. He thought it would be better for him to be somewhere else. So he decided to leave the place God had put him. But when he got to where he thought would be the best place he realized that it was way worse there. He wasn’t happy at all. So the boy wanted to go back to the place God told him to live. He went back to his daddy and started living where God told him to. Then he was happy again because he was living where God wanted him to live.
We know that Jesus wants us living here. And even if we decided to go back to where our family is we wouldn’t be happy. Our hearts will be happiest here because this is where God wants us.”
Peace would come over that child. She’d go back to playing and laughing within seconds of hearing the story of the prodigal son. 
And my heart would burst again with thankfulness for the guidance of the Spirit and for the healing balm that the Word provides.
Jesus continually offers peace and guidance to his children through his Word. Look to it for reassurance and comfort.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Hosea 10:12

Luke 15:11-24

The prodigal son went out into the world to do worldly things, to live a worldly lifestyle. When he finally took a look at his situation he realized what a mess he had gotten himself into.

He was reaping the rewards, or in his case consequences, of his life’s choices.

As he came trudging home he was timid yet determined to make his way living respectably among his family. He came home unsure of the reception he would receive but determined to live his decision out. His father not only welcomed him home but he also had mercy upon him and welcomed him back to the family.

The son reaped mercy where he had sown righteousness.

Most of the time it is our decisions that dictate the way we live our life. Make bad choices, live with the aftermath. Choose wisely, receive merciful blessings from your savior.

Role Play

Luke 15:11-32

“Nope. Not this time. I’ve already given you too much and look what you did with it. You’re not worthy of anything that I have for you.”

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that this is God’s reaction when you come to Him seeking forgiveness. We might feel this way because that might be our reaction if we were given that position of authority. We’d be just like the brother of the prodigal son.

Thankfully we don’t answer to the brother. We answer to The Father. A merciful God that rejoices when His children come to Him. A Father that extends mercy and grace no matter what the situation may be.

If we aren’t careful we can be guilty of trying to put a humanistic attitude on a sovereign God.

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