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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Immediately Act


The Israelite army listened to the threat of Goliath for forty days straight. Day after day passed and no one could summon up the courage to fight the giant. They actually reached the point where they would flee when Goliath would just show his face. 

Then came David. He heard the threat of Goliath once. Immediately he reacted. He went to the king to seek permission to fight on his country’s behalf.

He fought and won.

What was a difference in David and the army of men?

David’s boldness wasn’t given time to dissipate. His immediate action took away the opportunity to dissect why his plan wouldn’t work. On the other hand the army’s procrastination was the perfect breeding ground for fear. 

Let us take a page out of David’s book and be quick to act on the Lord’s will so that the voice of the enemy doesn’t wear us down.



The lady rolled over for the fourth time, swatting at the alarm clock.

She thought, “What does it matter if I hit the snooze button one more time?”

-It matters because procrastination doesn’t just affect the procrastinator.-

In the book of Proverbs we read about a virtuous woman who woke up while it was still night to prepare meals for her household and maidens….she chose to have things ready when they were needed, without delay.

She and those that she was providing for were blessed because of her efforts.

So when The Lord gives you something to do don’t “hit the snooze”. Get up. Get to work. Because you aren’t the only one who is being affected.

Proverbs 31:15


Psalm 130:6

“Tomorrow I’ll start studying my bible.”

“Next week I’m going to start going to Sunday School.”

“Tomorrow I’m going to set aside time for me and Jesus.”

Are you trading in the joys of today in hope of having a tomorrow?

Live each day waiting on God…following His direction…drawing closer to Him.

Don’t fall in the trap of “I’ll do it tomorrow…” Tomorrow may never come.

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