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Storms of Life

As Jesus lay asleep in the ship a storm surrounded them. The wind blew. The waves rocked the boat. The disciples were scared. They went to Jesus afraid that He was going to let them die.
“Peace, be still.”
The winds stopped. The waves settled. The storm was gone.
With those three words Jesus showed His disciples that He truly was God. 
They realized His power.
All because of a storm they went through.
In this life we will endure uncertain times. This doesn’t mean Jesus has abandoned us or that He doesn’t care. It’s in these difficult times that we can see God’s power. 
Run to Him. 
Be amazed by the God you serve.
Originally posted May 28, 2015

God Prevails

1 John 2:17

II Chronicles 22: 10-12

Athaliah was power hungry. So obsessed with it that she set out to kill her own sons and grandsons in an attempt to prevent any of them from taking the kingdom from her.

She was almost successful except that her daughter had a strong desire too: seeing the Lord prevail. Jehoshabeath, wife of the priest Jehoidia rescued Joash from his own grandmother when he was only a baby. She hid him from his grandmother for 6 years. Then, in th 7th year Athaliah, the grandmother was slain and Jehoiada the priest placed the child, Joash, as the king.

The seed of David had been kept alive and reigned again.

No matter what scheem the devil may have in place, the one true, all powerful God always prevails.

Draw strength from the fact that God will be glorified….. he shall reign eternally….. and we shall be like him.

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