Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



A Different Perspective

After years of discord David and his son Abner were now at peace. They had made a covenant to work together instead of against each other. 

Joab couldn’t believe it. He refused to. He held onto the bitterness he felt toward Abner. He was ate up with hatred for the man. Instead of following after David by choosing to find forgiveness he killed Abner.

David was distraught. Regardless of the treason Abner had committed he was still his son. 

Maybe that’s why David was able to forgive him so easily. 

And if Joab would have put himself in David’s shoes perhaps he would have been able to forgive also. At least he would probably have refrained from killing his king’s son. 

If you’re having a hard time dealing with an issue try to look at the situation from several different points of view. It may not change your outlook but it could help you not to react so drastically. 

Listen and Observe

Matthew 15:14

Matthew 13:10-17

In the book of Isaiah, God, through His prophet, teaches about people walking around blind and deaf, unwilling to know the mysteries of The Lord.

Fast forward to the book of Matthew and Jesus is found on the seashore teaching the same truth. He expounds upon the truth teaching us that the Spirit of The Lord descending upon us is what causes a few of our senses to change.

With the Spirit we no longer see with our eyes the way we had before. Things of the world are now viewed in the light. Our observations now spur us to draw closer to Jesus…to see Him glorified…to look for His will in each situation. With the Spirit we no longer listen to the wickedness of the world. Instead we hear God speak to our hearts…prodding us to do His will…reassuring us that we’re on the winning side.

From the Old Testament to the New the same message has been preached: If we aren’t willing to see or hear from The Lord we won’t. But if we choose to see Him, to answer the call He has put on our life then our entire perspective of this world will forever be changed.

God’s glory, from viewing His creation to listening to His chosen people worship Him, is all around us. I encourage you to open your eyes and ears to God’s presence in your life.

Heart Surgery

Psalm 51:10

Imagine getting news that a loved one of yours is going to have to have open heart surgery.

Most likely you’d become consumed with your loved one’s pending operation…taking it to The Lord in prayer on a regular basis…petitioning Him to allow the surgery to go well…that everything would be okay….that life would go on as normal…for your loved one to live as if they never had a heart issue at all.

But what about your loved ones that haven’t accepted The Lord as their personal savior? They’re in need of spiritual surgery…something far more serious. But do you pray for them as fervently as you would the heart patient? Are you as passionate about seeing them made whole? Or do you dismiss it, praying only occasionally?

Take the condition of your lost loved ones to The Lord with the same, or if possible, even greater intensity as you would pray for the heart patient.

Because surgery on a person’s physical heart can give renewed hope in life. But a heart replacement, spiritually speaking, provides hope eternal.

Receiving vs. Giving

Acts 20:35

Acts 3:2

People surrounded the entrance of the temple. Some had been lame since birth, others blinded, limbs withered. All handicapped. They were there begging for money. They had to depend on someone else to provide their most basic needs.

Some of the people that passed by generously gave to the beggars. These were people that could walk, work, support themselves, earn a living. They gave.

What a blessing to be on the giving side of things.

Give It Away

I Timothy 6:19

II Timothy 1:1-5

Timothy’s mother and grandmother had raised Timothy to be a godly man. They taught him the scriptures from a young age. They wanted nothing more than for to Timothy to be a follower of Jesus, living in His will.

But when the missionary Paul, formerly known as Saul, a well known persecutor of Christians, wanted to join up with Timothy surely their flesh questioned if this was the will of God for their son. Would Timothy be in danger just because of Paul’s presence? Timothy would be traveling away from home, that wouldn’t be the safest environment…

Timothy’s calling might not have been what they had envisioned when they were raising him. Maybe they had thought that he would be a local leader in their town…serving God from the place he had been raised. But God had different plans.

They were able to put Timothy’s decision to serve abroad into perspective. They chose to focus on their end goal: raising a man that would live for Jesus. Blessing Timothy in his choice to serve God outweighed their desire to keep him in the safe environment that they’d created for him.

God may be asking you to sacrifice something to grow you and those around you. Answer his call. Give away your comfort, routine, best-made plans, whatever it is…be mindful of the eternal results versus the way you may be feeling today.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

John 16:33

Matthew 9:2

Are you having a hard time? Are things not going your way? Do you feel bombarded by the things of the world?

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t feel singled out. Don’t feel like you’re all alone.

Jesus said we’re to expect tribulations. He even goes on to say that during these tribulations we can still be of good cheer.

Why is it that we can be of good cheer when our world seems to be crashing in on us?

Because we’ve been forgiven. And our “forgiver” has overcome the world.

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