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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Prayers for Boldness

Paul was very vocal in advocating the early church. He was a missionary. He even penned down the majority of the Word. 

In the midst of all of these works he was asking for prayer for himself. He needed people to pray that he would be bold in opening his mouth, in spreading the gospel. 

Essentially he was relying completely on God to continue to use him. In Jesus, Paul found his strength.

That same Jesus wants to use us. Let us be bold like Paul and take our petitions before God. Ask for courage. He alone is the one to provide strength, opportunities and blessings. 

Scripture taken from:

Ephesians 6:19


All Inclusive

I Peter 5:6

I Corinthians 10:33

Why do you live the way you do?

Is it for self-promotion?

Or is it to lead others to Christ?

Paul said that he didn’t seek his own profit, but the profit of many that they might be saved.

At first you may think “poor Paul he gave his life for others” or “Jesus wants me to enjoy this life too”.

But in living this type of sacrificial lifestyle “others” aren’t the only ones to benefit. Because when we, just as Paul did, humbly set out to bless others we in turn become one of the blessed.

Be a blessing. Get a blessing.

Choose Compassion

Luke 6:31
Acts 28:1-2

Paul and his fellow travelers reached the island of Melita cold and wet. The rain continued to pour down when they met a few of the natives on the island.

The Melitians recognized the travelers situation. They acknowledged that they were in need of physical care. They realized they were capable of providing it. So they did. They took it upon themselves to care for the foreigners. They chose to be compassionate towards them.

Compassion begins with a choice. You have to recognize a need and then decide to act compassionately.

Compassion isn’t offered accidentally.

So when you’re faced with an opportunity to do good for a person in need put yourself in their shoes.

Do for them what you would want done for you.

Choose to be compassionate.


I Corinthians 9:14

Saul was exalted as a man that knew the scriptures, a man with an excellent heritage, and the leader of the persecution of Christians. He was known by people of high places as well as the common man. His reputation went before him.

On the road to Damascus Saul met Jesus. He gave his life over to Him. Everything about Saul had changed. He received a new heart, a different cause to live for and a new name. Saul became Paul.

How were people that had heard of Saul and his terrible reputation supposed to believe that he had really been changed by Jesus?

After all anyone can say that they’ve started a new life with Christ.

Paul won their affection and trust through the life he led. It took some time for the Christians to be convinced that Paul was now an ally instead of an enemy. But eventually they accepted him as a brethren, a follower of Christ because Paul’s actions lined up with the testimony he was giving.

Is the testimony you are giving credible? Can people see that you are actually living for Jesus instead of just saying you are?

What If?

Matthew 6:21

Imagine that you’ve been beaten, thrown into prison and chained to the ground.

What would your prayer be?

Would you pray earnestly for an opportunity to escape? Would you pray diligently that you would be let go? Or would you pray for God to be glorified? Would you pray that The Lord would use you to lead others to Christ?

Paul and Silas didn’t have to imagine that scenario. They lived it. In the midst of their imprisonment we are told that they prayed and sang praises to God.

What did they pray?

The bible doesn’t record their words so instead we’ll look at their actions:

An earthquake came while the jailor slept. Paul and Silas’ chains were loosed off their feet. The jailor was ready to kill himself. And then Paul yelled out “we’re all here”.

Escaping must not have been at the front of their minds.

The jailor humbly fell before Paul and Silas. He wanted to be saved. Paul and Silas explained to him salvation. The man and his household were saved and baptized within the hour.

Leading others to Jesus must have been the bulk of their prayer.

The next morning Paul and Silas were free to go worship with their new brothers and sisters in Christ.

God has every situation working for your good. You focus on Him. He’ll work out the details.


I Peter 4:2

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

Paul and Barnabas heard the chant as the crowd drew closer to them. They looked at the gates of the city and saw oxen being brought in to be sacrificed.

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

The crowd was heading in their direction.

The disciples put it together. They were the ones being called Mercurius and Jupiter. The oxen was going to be a sacrifice to them. The people were seeing them as gods.

“No!!” Paul and Barnabas tore their clothes. They ran to the people. “No!!! Stop! We are men, like you. We preach the one true God, creator of heaven and earth….”

Some people live their lives trying to reach a status where they are viewed as gods. Maybe they don’t actually think of it that way but the evidence says otherwise:

They accept all praise as if they were solely responsible.
They expect people to do exactly as they say.
They’re out to receive glory for themselves.

What are your intentions? Are you living a life like Paul and Barnabas? A life where you want nothing more than to glorify God and be found in His will and favor? Or are you going about pretending to be bought in to Christ’s plan but only living for yourself?

Do a self check.

To God be the glory.

Walking With The Creator

Isaiah 43:1-7

Paul was shipwrecked. Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego were thrown into a fiery furnace. The list of God’s people that dealt with hard situations goes on.

Paul reached land unharmed. Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego didn’t have a hair on their head singed. God’s grace, strength and presence are evident in His children’s lives.

These people of God faced terribly frightening circumstances. They had no idea what the outcome would be. Yet they chose to walk through it because they knew who would be walking with them.

God was by their side. Just as He is for you. When you accepted His gift of salvation you welcomed His presence into your life. Being a follower of Christ doesn’t mean that you become exempt from life’s trials. Being a follower of Christ means that you will have Jesus to walk through those trials with you.

He has created you for His glory. Glorify Him in whatever situation you might face.

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