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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Choosing Sides

Luke 14:26

I Kings 15:11-13

Asa removed the idols that the previous kings had made. He removed the queen from her throne because she too had created an idol to worship. Then he destroyed her idol.

The previous king was his father. The queen he denounced was his mother.

Asa’s decision was to do right in the eyes of The Lord. Even when this meant going against his mother and father.

Sometimes in our walk with Christ we have to choose who we are going to side with. At times the decision can be easy but when we have to take a stand contrary to the people that mean the most to us it can be very difficult.

But I encourage you to side with Jesus no matter who is going against you.

All Part of the Plan

Romans 8:28

The heckler walked alongside King David and his men. He threw stones at him. He cursed him. He made false accusations against him.

But David didn’t focus on the heckler. He didn’t even respond to the man. He wouldn’t allow his men to retaliate either.

Instead King David kept his focus on God. He trusted that God was aware of what was going on and that He would turn this evil into good.

If you’re going through a period of hurt, frustration or bitterness don’t allow your flesh to get the best of you. Keep your focus on Jesus and being part of His plan. He’ll work all things to your good.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Luke 16:13

The thought that maybe The Lord had something good to say to King Belshazzar went out the window as Daniel took in the scene before him. Stolen vessels from the House of God lay scattered around the king and his men. The king himself looked sickly. And then Daniel saw the writing on the wall. Quickly he read it to himself….this message was going to be hard to deliver, it would be devastating to the king.

Daniel had a choice to make. Would he deliver the message in obedience to God’s will or would he allow King Belshazzar’s possible reaction dictate his decision? If he read the message as God had given it the king could be angered and Daniel could possibly face ridicule, torture, imprisonment, even death. But if Daniel chose not to interpret the message as God gave it he knowingly would disappoint The One True God.

Daniel chose to take the chance of offending the king rather than displeasing God.

He interpreted the message: Your kingdom has come to an end. You failed to serve the One True God. Your kingdom will be given to the Medes and Persians.

The results?

God was pleased.

Daniel was rewarded.

The king was slain.

Sometimes we are faced with the task of delivering difficult messages. If we choose to deliver the message we take the risk of offending that person. However, if we don’t deliver the message we can be sure that we have just shown God that our relationships on earth are currently more important than our relationship with Him.

Who are you willing to please? Humans in their comfort zone or God in His kingdom?

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