Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others




Proverbs 29:18

Jeremiah 29:4-14

The Israelites could’ve died out in Babylon. They could’ve seen their captivity as the end of them. They could’ve given up all hope.

Instead they chose to listen to their God and grow.

They built houses, they grew gardens, they expanded their families. They made the best of the situation because The Lord told them that this wasn’t their end. He told them to multiply….to become strong because in seventy years they wouldn’t be captive any longer.

God gave them something to work toward.

Sometimes we feel misplaced. But God knows exactly where we are. He can use your situation for good. Look at it as an opportunity for growth. Ask for a vision to get you through the difficult period. Ask God to give you a goal to reach for.

Make the best of every season of life.

Redeeming the Time

Ephesians 5:16

Matthew 25:1-13

The ten women all slept sound. They had had a busy day. Amongst the day’s activities five of the women prepared their lamps with oil. The other five, whether too busy, unconcerned or skeptical allowed only the other things of their day take priority….filling their lamps didn’t make the to-do list.

At midnight the bridegroom came for the women. Only five were prepared to go. The other five would have to suffer the consequences of being rejected.

A few things to notice:

•All of the women were given the same opportunity to prepare for the bridegroom’s coming.

•Each women had to make her own choice. Oil for one wouldn’t be enough to cover all ten.

•The bridegroom came when they least expected him.

So I encourage you:

•Prepare yourself for Jesus’ return.

•Choose Jesus even if there are people who don’t.

•Jesus is coming back.

Don’t allow preparation for eternity be put on the back burner.

Redeem the time.

Already There

Psalm 139:7

John 4:1-26

The woman was going about her daily chores. She had reached the well to draw water. And on this ordinary day, doing a routine thing, she encountered Jesus.

He offered her living water. She accepted and told people about the connection she had just experienced with the Messiah.

Have you ever been going about your daily business when you encountered God? One in which He spoke to you? Called you out? Offered guidance? Gave you peace and comfort?

Jesus wants to deal with us on a daily basis. He wants to be a part of the seemingly mundane day to day activities. But how often do we actually look for His presence? Seek His guidance? Look for His approval?

Jesus loves meeting us where we are. Be willing to accept his invitation.

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