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What’s with the Flag?

So how does a book with #winning as the title have a picture of a white flag of surrender?? It wasn’t the original plan, I’ll tell you that. I had a completely different vision. But, when the proof came back for me to sign off on, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have a peace about it. I talked to my group that has helped me with several decisions concerning this book over the past couple of years (Dad, Mom, Cass, Jeffrey, Tim, Kayla, Sarah and of course Trae) While I was talking to Mom and Dad, Mom suggested a flag. Immediately the white flag came to my mind. As soon as we hung up I prayed for the Lord to give me confirmation that the white flag was to be on the cover. The very next words I heard were “white flag in the wind” from the song Air I Breathe by Mat Kearney playing on Klove. I knew then that the Lord wanted that as the cover for #winning. So, here’s a special shout out to my mother. I am so glad that she is sensitive to the Lord’s voice and willing to act on it. Also, I am super grateful and continuing to stand in awe that Jesus, the King of Kings, cares about our details!!

Qualified to Work

Zacharias and Elisabeth. Two people in history that were chosen to be part of God’s plan. This couple would become parents to John the Baptist, the forerunner to Jesus.

What made them so special? Luke 1:6 tells us that they were righteous and blameless.

Our righteousness was as filthy rags….until we accepted Christ’s. We were guilty of sin….until Jesus washed it away.

Because of Jesus, God looks at you, Child of God, as righteous and blameless. You are now qualified to do great things for God’s kingdom. Don’t allow self-doubt deter you from following Christ’s leading. He is covering you and preparing the way.

Follow the Leader

Naaman was not only captain over Syrian’s army, but he was also a leper. He went to Elisha, a prophet of God, to be healed of the disease. 
Elisha told him to be cleansed of the leprosy by washing in the Jordan River seven times.
Naaman left in a rage. How dare the prophet tell him to do something as simple as washing himself in the Jordan River! He was going home angry…and still diseased with leprosy.
Naaman’s servants stepped in: “Master, if Elisha had asked you to do some great thing, wouldn’t you have done it?” 
The servants had learned to be obedient to their master. They didn’t allow their opinion to affect their service. They were willing to obey at all cost. This way of life prepared the servants to offer wisdom to Naaman when he became the one receiving instruction.
We aren’t here to lead The Lord in what direction we think is best. We are here to be led by Him. As followers of Christ we should be willing to do whatever task The Lord has laid out before us, regardless of our opinion.
II Kings 5:1-14

Immediate Obedience

Acts 8:26-40

The angel of The Lord led Philip into the desert. He waited. Soon a chariot traveled toward him. The Spirit told Philip to go to the chariot.
Meanwhile, in the chariot was the treasurer of Queen Candace. He had been reading the scriptures and was intrigued by a prophecy of Isaiah’s about Jesus’ crucifixion. He was unable to comprehend it. He needed someone to explain it to him.
And that’s when Philip and the Ethiopian treasurer met. At the exact time when the treasurer needed teaching Philip was there to teach him. When the treasurer decided that he wanted to live his life for Jesus, Philip was there to lead him to The Lord. After he accepted Jesus as his savior they looked out the window and saw water and the treasurer was baptized.
Timing was key. It was no coincidence that Philip arrived as soon as the treasurer began dwelling on the scripture about Jesus’ sacrifice. It also wasn’t a coincidence that after he was saved they passed by water, in the middle of a desert, to be baptized.
The Spirit had told Philip to go to the chariot at just the right time. Philip didn’t argue that the people within the chariot would refuse him. He didn’t worry that he wouldn’t know what to say. He wasn’t concerned with his surroundings. The Spirit said go and he went. He ran to the chariot.
Philip’s immediate obedience to the Spirit allowed him to be a part of the biggest blessing in a person’s life: coming to Christ.


Ezekiel was told to warn the people of what was to come if they didn’t turn from their sinful ways. The Lord assured him that he wouldn’t hold him accountable for their responses but only for his obedience to the call.

On the surface we probably all understand that we aren’t held responsible for another person’s decision to follow after Christ or how they react to something that we’ve done to glorify God.

But has it really sunk in?

From time to time I have found myself judging my “works” on people’s reactions. But in reality those responses aren’t the criteria in which God judges. He judges my works on the obedience to the calling He has placed on my life.

There is so much joy in accepting the fact that we are only held accountable for how we respond, not the response of others.

Performance Based Trap

Baruch read from the scroll “Hear this word. Repent of the wickedness you are living in and God will forgive you. If you don’t this land will be destroyed.”

The king that was listening to the prophecy took the scroll and threw it in the fire. 

Which person do you think God was displeased with? The man who relayed the warning or the king that rejected it?

It’s obvious to us that the king is the one at fault here. But when we find ourselves in a similar situation in which our works or the call to repentance isn’t accepted we are often tempted to think that we must have done something wrong. It isn’t true. People are given a choice to how they will respond. We aren’t held accountable for their decision. We will only be judged based on the intent of our heart. 

Continue to be obedient even when the results aren’t what you had hoped for.

Living for Eternity


The disciples of Jesus, friends of Paul’s, begged Paul to reconsider going into an area that put his life at risk. They were concerned for his well-being. 

But Paul said “I am ready to die for Jesus.”

Unlike Paul we sometimes allow ourselves to become persuaded not to follow the Spirit because of fear for our flesh. We allow our loved ones well-intentioned but misplaced opinions to influence our boldness in following Christ. 

Before you give advice or take it, make sure that what you are saying/doing lines up with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don’t allow what may happen to this mortal body affect the calling Christ has placed on your life.

Pros vs. Cons


People tend to weigh out decisions by making a “Pros & Cons” list. That’s a great idea. It really can be very helpful.

Until you start weighing out whether or not to do what The Lord has laid on your heart.

At that point you should throw the list out the window and take advice from Mary, mother of Jesus: “whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”

Because the Christian that is obedient has already found the “pro” that outweighs all of the “cons” combined.


Proverbs 31:15

The lady rolled over for the fourth time, swatting at the alarm clock.

She thought, “What does it matter if I hit the snooze button one more time?”

It matters because procrastination doesn’t just affect the procrastinator.

In the book of Proverbs we read about a virtuous woman who woke up while it was still night to prepare meat for her household and maidens….she chose to have things ready when they were needed, without delay.

She and those that she was providing for were blessed because of her efforts.

So when The Lord gives you something to do don’t “hit the snooze”. Get up. Get to work. You aren’t the only one who is being affected.

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