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Plenty Enough 

Because of obedience to the Lord a man from Baalshalisha took a meal to provide for a multitude of people. The food looked as if it would only provide for about one hundred. But before it was passed out the man gave God the glory and The Lord assured him that what he had to give would be enough. 

The multitude was fed. 

The Lord may be asking you to give something. You may think it is pointless because you don’t see how it is possible that something so small can be of use. But our Lord can take our small offerings and make miracles out of them. 

Scripture taken from:

II Kings 4:42-44

Making it Personal

The deaf man was healed when he followed Jesus away from the multitude. The blind man was given sight when he did the same. 

Miracles of Jesus happen in large crowds: think the feeding of the thousands. But they also happen on an individual basis, secluded from everyone else. 

Don’t shy away from meeting with Jesus when no one is looking. Those times are often the most intimate, personal experiences that grow us in our walk with Him. 

Scripture taken from:

Mark 7:31-35

Mark 8:1-9

Mark 8:22-25

Heart Exchange

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A year ago today my dad was coming out of open heart surgery. The doctor had cracked open his chest, chiseled out the build-up and put in a new valve. It was one of the worst cases the doctor had ever seen.

*A couple of days ago my dad was cleared to not come back to the cardiologist until 2016.*

Praise the Lord for my dad’s complete recovery!

I can’t help but be reminded of receiving a new heart from Christ: Jesus sees your heart of stone, you repent of your sinful ways and accept Him as your savior, then He gives you a new heart of flesh to serve Him. Without the exchange of hearts you’d be lost for eternity.

*Jesus continues to walk with you and grow you in Him.*

Praise the Lord for the miracle of salvation!!

Ezekiel 11:19-20 And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you: and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh: That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.

Still Blessed


The woman gathered vessels from her neighbors to be filled by God with oil. This was a public display of her faith.

Later, within her own home and her door shut she and her two sons filled every pot to the brim. They did so privately.

Sometimes we experience situations or trials that seem to be on display for the world to see. As a result The Lord blesses immensely. Occasionally those blessings come intimately, between only you and Him.

That doesn’t make them any less significant.

God loves you. Allow him to show you that even when no one else is looking.

Psalm 25:14

II Kings 4:1-7

Nothing Too Small


Matthew 7:7

II Kings 6:1-7

A group of men watched as an axe swam to shore. Surely they were amazed. First off, it was iron floating and secondly, why would God care enough about an axe to save it?

The miracle took place because the axe meant something to the man that lost it and our Jesus loves to bless His people.

Don’t think that you’re requests are too small or unimportant to God. He wants to hear from you. He wants you to bring it to Him.>

Initial Reaction

Luke 6:45

A crowd had gathered. In the midst of them was a woman with a blood issue. She knew she needed to just touch Jesus’ clothes and she’d be healed. Jesus noticed when she touched him. He asked who had touched him. Trembling, she came before The Lord and bowed. She was whole. A walking miracle.

A crowd had gathered outside of a young girl’s house. She was perceived as being dead. Jesus arrived on the scene. He said she would be healed. The crowd laughed. Jesus told them to leave. The crowd was unable to witness the healing of the girl.

When Jesus asked who had been healed the woman humbly bowed herself before The Lord. By doing this she was strengthened and drew closer to Jesus.

The crowd mocked Him when he spoke words of comfort about the little girl’s situation. Their initial reaction caused them to be commanded to leave, putting distance between themselves and The Lord.

Our initial reaction to The Lord speaking to us not only has an affect on our relationship with Christ but it teaches us about ourselves as followers of Him. Live a life of humbleness. Be willing to lay it all on the line for the Lord. Draw closer to The Lord now so that when He speaks to you your initial reaction won’t be one of disrespect and unbelief.

Take Action

II Kings 3:16-17

God blesses His people everyday. Sometimes we don’t even recognize the blessings of The Lord. Other times we are well aware of the blessing because we are looking for it. We are ready to see it happen.

The army of Israel was preparing for battle. There wasn’t any water in the foreign land. They asked Elisha, a prophet, to ask God for water. Elisha told them to dig ditches and that The Lord would fill the ditches with water from the ground up. The Israelites dug the ditches and the water began to flow.

Daily we come before God asking for a blessing. Probably most of the time we just expect it to fall in our laps and that be that. Often times The Lord blesses in that way. But occasionally he requires us to put forth effort to receive a blessing.

The Israelites showed God their obedience to Him by doing as he commanded. They dug the ditches. This was also a representation of their faith in God. God took it from there. He blessed in ways that they would’ve never imagined when they first inquired of The Lord.

Continue to seek The Lord and His blessings. As you do be prepared to show God that you’re willing to take action so that you can become a recipient of the miracle he has in store you.

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