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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Thankful for Evangelistic Outreach

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries
After the Lord placed a study on humility on my heart I began to feel like He was leading me to publish the book.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, located in Pedro Ohio is a worldwide outreach ministry that has done so much to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ “into all the world”. 

I am thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross as Evangelistic Outreach purchased 1,000 copies of Selfless in a Selfie World and distributed them at no charge to those who received them. 
To be a part of reaching so many people and to be associated with a ministry such as Evangelistic Outreach is truly a blessing. These people literally put the book that the Lord placed on my heart into people’s hands.  

I stand in awe and appreciation of not only what Calvin Ray Evans and Evangelistic Outreach did for Leaving a Legacy Ministries but ultimately how God ordained this series of events for His glory and for His kingdom. 

Simon and Andrew were fisherman. It’s what they knew, liked and and were successful with. Jesus was able to take their profession and use it to His glory. With an analogy He opened the men’s eyes to service.

Jesus can go beyond using analogies. He can actually use peoples’ professions or hobbies as means to glorify Him: 

A carpenter can use his skills to help repair a House of The Lord….

An musician can perform in worship service….

A baker can bake food for a homeless shelter….

If you’re struggling with finding some way to reach out to the world look at what God has already given you.

Take the talents He has already blessed you with to bring Him glory.



It seems like everyone knows somebody that has an addiction.

Paul knew the house of Stephanaus.

They were addicted to the “ministry of the saints”.

They were hooked, caught up in and living for the glory of God. They were concerned with seeing others grow in Jesus.

Could you consider yourself an addict?

I Corinthians 16:15

Ministry Matters


Matthew 18:12

Acts 20:7-12

At times Paul’s ministry didn’t have the desired affect that he had hoped it would. Some people weren’t enthused at all by his efforts or dedication to The Lord.

Like the man, Eutychus, that fell three stories to his death because he fell asleep during one of Paul’s sermons.

That could’ve been discouraging for Paul. He could’ve quit preaching the gospel right then because “people don’t care what I have to say. I’m not reaching them.”

But instead he went on. He, through Jesus’ name, raised Eutychus back to life, ate a snack and then went right back to preaching.

The Lord is the one who calls you into ministry. He is the one to say if you should continue in it. Not the numbers, the turnouts, enthusiasm, or lack thereof.

If we base our life’s work for Jesus on how people respond we are following after man.

Glorify God in the ministry He has given you. Press on knowing that you’re accomplishing His will.

Because the one person that you’re helping was enough of a reason for Jesus to die. It should be enough for you too.

The Home Front


Acts 1:8

I Samuel 3:1-13

Some of Jesus’ final words before he ascended into heaven: “Go into Jerusalem, Judaea and Samaria.” Essentially what he was saying: “start at home and broaden your ministry from there.”

The prophet Eli didn’t take heed to this model. He was quick to teach the child Samuel how to follow after God. But his own sons? They turned to vile ways because he chose not to invest in their lives. Instead he left them to their own devices. As a result they died in sin.

Are you nurturing or neglecting the ones that God has given you from the beginning?

Are your children taking a backseat so that you can focus on the community’s children? Have you lost interest in your own marriage because you are so focused on making others work?

Again, please understand that I’m not saying that you should stop the ministry God gave you I am just asking that you make sure that your family is being shown the same love, attention and care that you are graciously and passionately giving to others.

Christ taught us to begin our ministries at home for a reason. Be sure to take heed to his teaching.

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