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Going the Opposite Direction


Colossians 3:2
Colossians 3:16-23

So often being submissive or obedient to another person is viewed as a weakness.

People that live this type of lifestyle are often perceived as spineless.

But within the most valuable relationships there is a person that must commit to following another’s lead.

“Children obey your parents…”

“Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands…”

The “submissiveness=spineless” theory is disturbing because it is contradictory to the Word.

When a person buys into that lie God’s design isn’t followed and relationships are destroyed.

When you came to Christ you had to humble yourself. God doesn’t ask us to humbly come to him so that he can make us a proud people. He asks us to come to him and then grows us in our humility, which will positively affect our relationships on earth.

This is a stark contrast to the belief system of the world.

But God’s Word is just, true and always good. It was given to us for our benefit. I pray that you live a life that follows after it. Even when it goes against what is socially accepted.

Take A Hike

Proverbs 21:19
Why do you think the bible teaches that it is better for a man to go to the wilderness rather than to stay in the house with a contentious and angry woman?

I’m thinking that maybe it’s to save the purity of the relationship.

Because when tempers flare and there is someone there to argue with more often than not someone is going to speak too harshly…either in words said or tones used.

So next time you’re about to lose it I encourage you to take a breather. The time spent regrouping is well worth the damage control that you’ll be able to avoid later.


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