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What Goes Around Comes Around

Hosea 10:12

Luke 15:11-24

The prodigal son went out into the world to do worldly things, to live a worldly lifestyle. When he finally took a look at his situation he realized what a mess he had gotten himself into.

He was reaping the rewards, or in his case consequences, of his life’s choices.

As he came trudging home he was timid yet determined to make his way living respectably among his family. He came home unsure of the reception he would receive but determined to live his decision out. His father not only welcomed him home but he also had mercy upon him and welcomed him back to the family.

The son reaped mercy where he had sown righteousness.

Most of the time it is our decisions that dictate the way we live our life. Make bad choices, live with the aftermath. Choose wisely, receive merciful blessings from your savior.

Top Of The List

Psalm 143:8

Luke 10:38-42

Martha and Mary had decided to invite Jesus into their home. He was to be their guest of honor. Much preparation goes in to welcoming someone into your house. Cleaning, cooking, etc. It really takes a servant’s heart to be a good host/hostess.

Martha and Mary scrambled around wanting to make Jesus feel welcome. Then He arrived. He began to speak. Mary stopped to listen. Martha didn’t.

Martha went to Jesus frustrated about her sister’s lack of help.

Jesus responded, “Mary hath chosen that good part…”

Each day we are faced with choices to prioritize what is going on in our lives.

Before Jesus arrived at Mary and Martha’s house it was the women’s top priority to make sure their house was welcoming to Jesus. But once Jesus arrived He became the top priority.

Constantly evaluate what is going on in your life. Keep your priorities in line. And remember that spending time with Jesus should always be at the top of your list.

Choose Compassion

Luke 6:31
Acts 28:1-2

Paul and his fellow travelers reached the island of Melita cold and wet. The rain continued to pour down when they met a few of the natives on the island.

The Melitians recognized the travelers situation. They acknowledged that they were in need of physical care. They realized they were capable of providing it. So they did. They took it upon themselves to care for the foreigners. They chose to be compassionate towards them.

Compassion begins with a choice. You have to recognize a need and then decide to act compassionately.

Compassion isn’t offered accidentally.

So when you’re faced with an opportunity to do good for a person in need put yourself in their shoes.

Do for them what you would want done for you.

Choose to be compassionate.


Luke 19:10

II Samuel 9:1-8

Mephibosheth, crippled from a young age, bowed at the feet of King David. He was grateful to the king for calling him out, bringing him to his house, sitting him at his table and restoring unto him the land of his grandfather, King Saul.

What a beautiful picture this is of our relationship with Jesus.

Previously we had wandered around crippled by sin. Until the Lord, our King, sought us out. He called us to be children of His. To come into His fold, to eat from his table.

As we humbly and gratefully accepted the invitation we became as royalty; joint heirs with Jesus.

King David sought Mephibosheth to give him a new, better way of life.

Jesus did the same for you.


Romans 12:2

Love your enemies.

Jesus loves us, the very people that nailed him to the cross.

Return evil with good.

It was our sins that he had to die for, yet he blessed us with an option to spend eternity with Him in Glory.

Pray for those that use you.

Jesus hung on the cross and prayed “Father, forgive them for they no not what they do” as they crucified him.

Give without expectations.

He gave His life for us, each and every one of us, knowing that the decision would be ours to accept his sacrifice or decline it.

In our flesh we don’t want to do good to our enemies, let alone pray for them and love them. In our flesh we always want something for what we’ve given.

But in Jesus we aren’t our ruled by our flesh.

In Jesus we are transformed to be like Him.

Live the example that Jesus gave us on the cross.

Neighborhood Watch

Luke 6:38

Elisha, a man of God, traveled through Shunem often. A woman, also of God, noticed this. She fed him on each of his journeys as he passed through. Because of these meals she was able to get to know Elisha. She perceived that he was a man of God, a fellow believer.

Elisha continued to travel through Shunem. The woman wanted to do more than just provide a meal for him. She spoke to her husband about making a place for him to stay when he passed by. So they did. They made him a room with a bed and a table. Now when Elisha would travel through Shunem he knew that in addition to being fed he would also have a place to stay.

The woman had been such a blessing to Elisha. Her generosity made his traveling easier, less stressful. In return of her kindness Elisha wanted to be a blessing to the Shunamite woman.

He blessed the barren woman with a child.

Look for ways to be a blessing to your brethren…doing so will start a chain reaction of blessings from the Father.

Ring Ring

James 5:8

The soldiers were closing in on them. The disciples turned to Jesus….”They’re going to take you! Do you want us to kill them?”

Peter didn’t wait for Jesus’ reply. He sliced the ear off of a man.

The disciples realized that they needed the guidance of The Lord. They did good to ask Him what they should do in the situation they were facing.

But Peter wasn’t willing to wait on an answer from Jesus. He decided to ignore The Lord and rely on himself.

Peter made the wrong choice.

Usually we can all be found calling on The Lord. We seek out Jesus because we believe that He knows exactly the right way to respond.

But how often can we be found waiting for The Lord’s response?

Call on Jesus. And then wait for His answer.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Luke 16:13

The thought that maybe The Lord had something good to say to King Belshazzar went out the window as Daniel took in the scene before him. Stolen vessels from the House of God lay scattered around the king and his men. The king himself looked sickly. And then Daniel saw the writing on the wall. Quickly he read it to himself….this message was going to be hard to deliver, it would be devastating to the king.

Daniel had a choice to make. Would he deliver the message in obedience to God’s will or would he allow King Belshazzar’s possible reaction dictate his decision? If he read the message as God had given it the king could be angered and Daniel could possibly face ridicule, torture, imprisonment, even death. But if Daniel chose not to interpret the message as God gave it he knowingly would disappoint The One True God.

Daniel chose to take the chance of offending the king rather than displeasing God.

He interpreted the message: Your kingdom has come to an end. You failed to serve the One True God. Your kingdom will be given to the Medes and Persians.

The results?

God was pleased.

Daniel was rewarded.

The king was slain.

Sometimes we are faced with the task of delivering difficult messages. If we choose to deliver the message we take the risk of offending that person. However, if we don’t deliver the message we can be sure that we have just shown God that our relationships on earth are currently more important than our relationship with Him.

Who are you willing to please? Humans in their comfort zone or God in His kingdom?


Revelation 22:17

The man studied the invitation as he walked toward his house…..dinner party at 6. He would love to go but that same evening he had a business venture already planned. He’d have to send his apologies.

She clicked open the email. An invitation to a dinner party! She would love to go but she knew her husband would have none of it. She’d have to decline.

The host of the dinner received their rejections. He had given up so much to provide for these people. Their reasons were nothing but excuses. If they really wanted to be there, they could have come.

You’ve been invited!! To Heaven. Jesus has prepared a place just for you. Please, don’t decline this invitation. Rearrange your priorities. You won’t want to miss it.

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