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Spread Love


Christians seem to focus a lot on abstaining from sin to be a good witness to the world…rightfully so.

I want to encourage you to add to that. Put forth effort to show Jesus’ love: be patient, joyful, gentle, faithful, loving, etc.

We are to “practice what we preach”. If you are “preaching” Jesus, Love, then you should be spreading it.



Matthew 5:48

I John 2:5

“Well, nobody’s perfect.” says the follower of Christ as he deals with conviction of sin.

Then he goes on. No remorse. No asking for forgiveness. Just a nonchalant “I knew that was coming” attitude.

But Jesus called us to be perfect, even as he is perfect.

In our flesh we can’t obtain this goal but through the covering of Jesus’ blood and reliance of the Holy Spirit not only can we reach it but perfectness is expected of us.

If we set our standards to our flesh we will fail.

But if we set our standards on Jesus, trusting in Him, failure isn’t an option.

Reservations Under Love


I John 4:19

John 21:4-14

“Momma you are the best cook in the whole world.”

Strangely enough, I tend to receive these compliments on a semi-regular basis.

(Although occasionally it is given as a reassurance when I make something that turns out a little “golden brown”.)

But mostly my husband and children just brag on my cooking skills as we enjoy a simple dinner together.

So what then has elevated me to “five star chef status” in my family’s minds?

I started thinking on Jesus and a few meals that He has been associated with. Two came to mind.

First I was reminded of the bonfire in which Jesus served fish and bread.

I’m guessing that the disciples were still raving over their breakfast when dinner time rolled around. Surely they chalked it up to being the best meal they had ever taken part in. Maybe Jesus’ culinary skills came into conversation but I bet the focus of their chatter was the greatness of their love for Him and the love they felt from Him. And what it was like just to be in His presence at the meal.

Fish sandwiches have never sounded overly appetizing to me but you can be assured that I too would have eaten it since Jesus was the one that had prepared it.

Then I began thinking on the meal that He began preparing for us thousands of years ago: the Marriage Supper of The Lamb.

Our Jesus, the Master Chef, began preparing this meal the moment He left heaven to walk upon the earth that He had created. As a man, born of a virgin, He chose to live a perfect life so that He could be our spotless sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. In victory He rose up out of the grave, defeating death, making a way for us to live eternally with Him. And now He is finishing up the final touches on the meal He has gone to prepare for His children.

So how is it that burnt grilled cheese sandwiches get rave reviews? Or that fish and bread can become the meal of a lifetime?

The reality of the words spoken around my kitchen table began to sink in.

My family isn’t necessarily blown away by my “amazing” cooking skills as much as they are just proclaiming their love for me because they can feel the love I have for them.

Nor was it about the food at the bonfire. Instead it was about the love in which it was served and consumed.

And love is the reason that we want to be in attendance at the marriage supper of the lamb. Becoming part of the bride that Jesus returns for is only possible if we choose to reciprocate the love He has offered us.

Love has the power to defy odds in altering my family’s tastebuds. And maybe even in the disciples.

But most importantly Love has made it possible for us to share in the greatest meal of all eternity.

Allow it to reserve you a seat at the Heavenly Feast.

Love The Word

Psalm 119:127

Psalm 119:97-104

Do you have a love for the Word of God?

Do you lean upon it for strength? Do you crave it? Does it mean more to you than earthly treasures?

The psalmist was consumed by the word. He meditated upon it. He followed it’s precepts. He recognized it as the source of his wisdom.

He realized that staying within the judgment of The Lord was the best thing for him. Therefore he hated false ways and abstained from evil.

So if you’re lacking in love for the Word I encourage you to live it. Choose it’s righteous ways over evil. Think upon it and it’s truth. Apply it’s wisdom to your life.

When you put forth effort to live by the Word then there will be nothing else that can satisfy your soul. Because the love you find in the Word will spur a love for the Word.

Cords of Love

Ephesians 5:2

Hosea 11:1-4

God loved His people so much that he called them out of captivity. Sadly they chose not to walk in their freedom. Instead they chose to turn to false gods. But God didn’t give up on them. He continued to pursue them, to comfort them, to bless them…even when they weren’t recognizing Him for who He was in their life. Lovingly He gave them direction, bearing their burdens and providing their needs…all without them acknowledging His presence.

As a child of God you have been freed from captivity of sin. He knows exactly where you stand…the path you are on…He is preserving you, blessing you, providing for you. Take this opportunity to walk in the freedom of The Lord…to acknowledge His presence in your life, to be wrapped in the cords of love that He has been patiently drawing you with.

God has been waiting for the moment when He can enjoy the sweet smelling savor of your praise. Offer it up now. There isn’t anytime like the present.

All Are Accepted

Romans 12:5

Jesus had made breakfast for his seven disciples that had been fishing all night. When they saw Jesus sitting on the shore all of them wanted to get to him. One of the disciples jumped into the water and swam to shore. The other six came to Jesus in the boat. These were different ways to show Jesus their love for him. But he rewarded all of them with the same breakfast.

Maybe you’re a methodical, organized, play it safe type of person. You could be a throw caution to the wind, I’ll figure it out when I get there, never do it the same way twice kind of guy. Either way Jesus created you. He loves you.

Don’t compare yourself to other Christians. Just keep loving Him the way you do.

In Return…

John 3:16

You’re the reason Jesus died. He gave his life for you.

Out of love.

He has loved you since he created you.

He loves you now.

Before you were born.

Before you could make decisions.

Before you chose to love Him.

He was already there, loving you.

So no matter what you do: Jesus loves you.

He loves you regardless of your situation or choices.

Jesus loves you.

So why do we feel more loved as we grow closer to Him?

Our perspective is different.

The closer we draw to Jesus, the more loved we feel…not because He loves us greater when we are obedient, but because our hearts are beginning to recognize the love that has always been there.

So continue to seek after Him.

Read his word.

Talk with Him.

Do His work.

Abstain from sin.

But don’t do it to earn His love.

Do it to show your love for Him.


Matthew 8:20

Streets of gold. Walls of jasper. Gates of pearl. No sickness. No heartache. No temptation. No sin. Thousands worshipping Jesus. What a beautiful place heaven must be.

God, The Father asked Him to leave it all and to go to an earth filled with sickness, temptation, heartache and pain. To go to a place where He would be rejected, scorned, beat and eventually crucified.

Jesus left it all.

For you.

You are so loved.

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