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Using the Word to Encourage Others



He Saw it Coming

Jesus knew that he’d have to go head to head with the devil in the wilderness. He knew that his best friends would fail Him when He needed them the most. He knew each piece of the crucifixion He would have to endure.

Jesus didn’t blindly walk in to becoming flesh. He is the Word. He knew what He had coming…yet He still chose to come to earth for you. Let that love sink in.

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…” (John 1:1

Born to Die

Of every man, woman and creature, Jesus is the only one that has ever chosen to be born. He is also the only one who knew that in choosing life He was ultimately choosing death. Literally, He was born to die.

While surrounded by legions of angel worshippers, in such a place of beauty that we can’t even fathom, He chose to leave it all to be born in a lowly manger. He left it all so that He could become our righteousness through the death of the cross.

“He was born to die” may seem like a morbid Christmas greeting at first. But if you know Him, if you call Jesus your Savior, then the greeting doesn’t just give you reason to celebrate this wonderful season, it gives you reason to live.

II Corinthians 5:21


Mark 15:42-47
Jesus had died the death of the cross. His body was at Golgotha’s hill. Joseph, a follower of Christ, was said to have “craved the body of Jesus”. 
Joseph boldly approached Pilate, the very man who sent Jesus to be crucified,

to ask if he could take the body of Jesus. 
Joseph, out of love, honor and respect for The Lord risked his reputation and his life to love Christ.
Is your craving for Christ this powerful within you? Are you willing to risk whatever needed to show the world, to show Jesus, that you love Him more than you love yourself?
Jesus had a craving to be with you. He showed this love for you when he left heaven to pay your sin debt.

Just a Bunch of Noise?

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” I Corinthians 13:1 
Doing nice things with the wrong intentions is a distraction to yourself and to those around you. It takes the focus off of Jesus and places it on your works. 
Ask yourself: Am I doing this to make myself feel better, to check off a list, or to please other people? Pray about your answer and your intentions because they matter. Only what is done for Christ, in love, will last. He wants to give you lasting purpose and is willing to provide righteousness for anyone that seeks after him. 
Scripture taken from: Matthew 5:6

Bound By Love

Paul saw a need for leadership in Timothy’s life. So he took it upon himself to fulfill that need. He prayed for Timothy. He encouraged him. He counseled him on how to become a mature Christian. 

Paul referred to Timothy as his “beloved son”.

To have that type of a bond with our fellow Christians is something that we can strive for. To give encouragement in love. To receive counsel in grace. To pray for one another diligently. 

We would all benefit from acting on the love we have for one another. 

Scripture taken from:

I & II Timothy

You are loved

Jesus’ mother and brother waited outside the crowded house to see Jesus.

They told a messenger “tell Jesus that his mother and his brother are here now and that we’d like for him to come out and meet with us.”

The messenger relayed the message to Christ. 

Jesus looked on either side of him and said “my brother and mother and sister are the one’s that do the will of God.”

Maybe you think “Wow. That’s harsh. That was his mother and brother…surely that gives them some special treatment.”

But remember, God isn’t a respector of persons. Everyone is on the same playing field: even his earthly family. 

Jesus loves you just as much as he loves every single person he has ever created. He loves you. 

A Different Approach


Always before I’d hear “the golden rule” and think “if you don’t want to be treated badly –don’t treat others badly.”

But then the Lord opened my eyes to a different take on the same scripture: “if you want someone to be nice to you –be nice to them.”
We’re here to intentionally spread love, not to just try to hinder evil.
In an effort to avoid conflict have you neglected to show the love of Christ?
If so I encourage you to reevaluate the situation. Handle your approach differently. Then watch God bless. 

Parental Love

Time, attention, and presence. These are the gifts of love that Mordecai displayed as he daily checked in with Esther, his adopted daughter.

He, being fleshly, knew the gifts that would resonate with his daughter.

How much more our Heavenly Father knows to bless us!

Jesus is daily watching over you. He is giving great attention and detail to your life. He is with you always.

What parental love.

Sacrificial Love


Sacrificial love:

It puts others’ needs first.

It’s a love that you can see.

It’s a love more than just emotion. It’s an action.

Jesus, leaving heaven to come to earth as a baby, giving his life for you, is the ultimate example of the sacrificial love.

Show your love for him. Sacrifice your fleshly desires to live a righteous life that glorifies Jesus.

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