Mark 14:10-11

Convenience stores…Fast food drive-thrus…escalators eliminate the inconvenience of walking up stairs…

We live in a society where we try to make everything convenient for ourselves. So much so that having to prepare an envelope to mail out a bill becomes a hassle for some people.

So my question is: has convenience led us to become an inefficient people for Christ?

Here’s what I mean: have you denied the leading of the Holy Spirit simply because it wasn’t convenient for you to do so at the time?

Within the book of Mark the Bible speaks of a man that was concerned with convenience: Judas Iscariot.

The betrayer of Jesus. The one that the devil entered into. The man that ended up taking his own life.

I encourage you to evaluate where you stand with The Lord. Are you lacking effort in your relationship with Jesus? If so I encourage you to deny your flesh the option of convenience and get to work for your Lord.