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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Joy in the Journey

Psalm 16:11
Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; 
Joy in the journey of life comes when you’re walking with Jesus. 
I know that several of you have heard me teach on this topic. This is just a friendly reminder, whether you’re a Ruth or a Joshua: break away, keep the vision, be faithful to follow and step out of your comfort zone. 
I’m praying for you. 

Making His Works Known


I am so grateful for the hand of the Lord upon my life. He placed me in a wonderful Christian home, brought up by parents that honor the Lord. He has blessed me thousands of times over with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. He has encouraged me countless times through my brother and sister-in-law. My grandparents and aunts and uncles played a positive role in where I am now. And I have been blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law and father-in-law.

When we left our family behind and moved away God had our Christian family waiting on us, to love us and welcome us with open arms. He has given us friends to go through life with. I am so thankful for these people.

Not only am I honored to be married to the love of my life, my best friend, but I consider it a privilege to sit under his teachings both at church and at home. I am also so very grateful for the three beautiful children that we are raising to walk in the truth.

But above all of this I am so thankful for the Word, for Jesus, for the redemption plan. Without it I wouldn’t have the joy that I have in my heart today. 

I Chronicles 16:8 tells us to give thanks to the Lord, to make known his deeds among the people.

So today I share with you God’s goodness in my life: His guidance, my salvation and the people that I call family. To Him be the glory both now and forever. 


Ecclesiastes 2:24

Enjoy what The Lord has blessed you with.

Emotionally Invested

Psalm 119: 158

3 John 1:4

Grief. Joy. Two very strong emotions on different ends of the spectrum. But both can and should be experienced by Christians when we look at our fellow brethren.

Grieved when we see them go after the things of the world.

Joy when we see them follow after Jesus.

Are you that concerned with other Christians that the stance they are taking spurs you to experience such emotion?

Christians, we are in this together. Our job is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The stance fellow Christians take should encourage us either to exhort one another or to pray for the weakened brethren. Never should we just be nonchalant and unaffected by how our Jesus is being represented.

Exceeding Expectations

Isaiah 61:3

Israel, formerly Jacob, cried tears of sorrow. He had just determined that his youngest son, Joseph had been mulled to death by an animal. He refused to be comforted. Instead he said, “I will go down into the grave unto my son mourning.”

Years later Israel’s life was coming to an end. With dim vision he looked upon his son Joseph and his two grandsons. Israel spoke to Joseph. He said, “I had not thought to see thy face: and, lo, God hath showed me also thy seed.”

In this time of joy Israel had remembered the time of sadness…not to dwell on it bitterly, but to recognize God’s sovereign plan.

If we couple our times of gladness with the acknowledgement that God is the one in control, how much more would we enjoy the blessings of The Lord?

Remember what The Lord has done for you.

Praise Him for His guidance in your life…for the blessings that you thought were impossible.


Ephesians 5:19

Moses was a singer. After he led the people across the Red Sea he stopped to sing a song of praise to God. Before he died he taught Joshua a song that would remind the children of Israel about the blessings The Lord had given them.

The Book of Psalms is filled with scriptures telling us to sing to The Lord. It also teaches us that The Lord will give us the words to sing.

Hum a song. Think on a song. Be loud about. In whichever way you choose to sing be sure to sing to Jesus, for Jesus about Jesus. You’ll find yourself drawing closer to Him.

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