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Allegiance to God

Joshua witnessed Moses lead the Israelites out of captivity, stretch his hand over the sea to part the waters and receive the Ten Commandments.
Then Moses died.
Joshua’s mentor and friend was no longer with him. Joshua could claim that without Moses leading him he could do nothing. He could have said that he wasn’t prepared to be the leader of a nation without Moses to turn to for guidance. 
But he didn’t. Joshua realized that Moses was a blessing from God, not God. He knew that God would be the one to continue to provide for him.
It is good to learn from the people that God places in your life, but remember that God should always be the source of your strength and confidence. 
Joshua 1:1-2


  God said to Joshua:

“Walk your people through a riverbed.
Defeat a city with marching and trumpets.
Single out one person that has sin in his heart.
Stand before the nation and make it known that no matter what you will serve me.”
This could have been Joshua’s response:
We’ll take a boat.
Went in with weapons.
Did away with the entire tribe.
Gone with the crowd.
But instead he remembered the words of the Lord before it all began,”Be strong and of a good courage”.


I Corinthians 9:14

Joshua 2:1-14

Would someone be willing to risk their life based on the way you live yours?

Rahab was willing to risk her life for the two spies from the children of Israel. She secured them on her rooftop and then told them that she did it because she knew who they served and the greatness of their God.

Their reputation had proceeded them. And it proved to be life saving, not only for themselves but for Rahab and her family.

Our reputations can either help in leading people to The Lord, life, or leading them away from Him, death.

What kind of reputation do you have?

Live so that others will risk everything to live like you.

Guaranteed Victories

Jeremiah 29:11

Joshua 8:1-29

God gave Joshua the plan to defeat Ai.

He was to sneak some of his men behind the city of Ai to prepare for an ambush. Joshua and some others would lure the men of Ai to pursue after them, leaving their city unprotected. When the men were gone from their city the ambushers were to set the city on fire. The people of Ai would turn to save their city and be met by the ambushers or turn again to be met by the people with Joshua. Either way the people of Ai would be trapped by the Israelites. Victory was in the hands of Joshua.

All he needed to do was to follow the strategy The Lord had given him.

God could lay out this plan for victory and guarantee a win because He was already there. He knew each move the people of Ai would make. Because of this He was able to come up with the perfect plan to counteract them.

The same is true with your life.

God already knows your entire story. He knows each situation you’ll face. And since He has seen what you’ll come up against He knows how to lead you through victoriously.

You just need to follow His strategy.

Joshua did and he won, just as The Lord said he would.

Follow the plans God has for you. Allow Him to lead you to victory.

Seeing Results

Matthew 6:6

Joshua was commanded to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground.

The removing of his shoes had significance. It wasn’t just a random commandment of The Lord.

Joshua’s shoes represented the filth of the world that he had been dealing with.

The removal of the shoes teaches us that we are capable of putting all things aside and focusing completely on Jesus.

Just as Joshua was able to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground, you are able to separate yourself from the cares of this world when you commune with Jesus. Begin with prayer. Ask The Lord to change your frame of mind…to lead you…to consume your thoughts.

It will require effort to meet with Jesus fully focused on him. Just as it required effort for Joshua to remove his shoes. You may have to move to a different place. (Maybe from the work area to the kitchen table.) He may have you change the time you meet with Him. (Maybe from a nighttime reading to an early morning devotional.) Just be willing to make any changes He requires of you. The results will be well worth it.


Joshua 1:9

“Here I am” saith The Lord….

…as He calls you to come to Him for forgiveness

…as He lights the paths of righteousness He has planned for you

…as He satisfies your every need

…as He blesses all of your descendants.

Jesus is always there for you.

Accept the forgiveness He offers…

Follow Him down the paths He has made for you…

Praise Him for all He has given you…

Thank Him for your future in Him…

Dear God,…

Romans 8:26

Sunrise. Sunset. These words describe the time of day based on the earth’s position to the sun. The sun doesn’t actually move. The Earth rotates. The moon rotates in synch with the Earth.

Joshua stood before the people of Israel and prayed. He prayed that the sun and moon would stand still while they fought a battle with the Amorites.

Of course the sun was already standing still. But the moon stopped…meaning the Earth did too. It stayed daylight until the battle was over and the victory was won.

Joshua didn’t know to pray “Lord, please stop the spinning of the Earth so that the sun will shine on us.” But God knew the desire of His heart when He prayed. He gave Joshua the results he was wanting even though the method wasn’t exactly as Joshua had asked.

Jesus hears our prayers. The Holy Spirit interprets them for us, revealing our requests to God the Father. Just bare your heart to Jesus. He’ll know exactly what you mean.

Allegiance to God

Hebrews 13:5

Moses led the Israelites out of captivity. Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the waters parted. Moses received the Ten Commandments. And he met with God in a tent.

Joshua witnessed all of that. Moses was his hero. Moses was his mentor. Moses charged Joshua to become the leader of the Israelite people. Then Moses died.

Joshua’s successor, teacher, and friend was no longer with him. Joshua could claim that without Moses leading him he could do nothing. He could say that he wasn’t prepared to be the leader of a nation without Moses to turn to for guidance.

But he didn’t. Joshua realized that Moses was a tool of God, not God. He saw that Moses, being man, failed. Joshua knew that God never failed and also that He never would. Joshua had put all of his confidence in God, not Moses.

We should trust God first and foremost in all situations because unlike man, Jesus will never leave us or forsake us.

Get Up and Get Going

Joshua 7:1-13

Joshua was lying on the ground defeated. The Israelites had just lost thousands of men at war with Ai. The Lord commanded Joshua to get up and to sanctify the people. He was told that once the sin was out of the camp the blessings would begin to flow again.

Before we accepted the blood of Jesus for the atonement of our sins we were wallowing in misery. We weren’t able to accomplish anything for The Lord. We knew that we weren’t bringing any pleasure to the One True God. Then we heard the call. “Up. Sanctify yourself.” In the moment that we chose to rise up with Jesus, becoming one of His children, our lives changed. We discovered our purpose: to live in Christ. God was giving us direction and we were taking it. Sin no longer ruled in our lives. Blessings began flowing from the throne of God.

Make a choice to not be found lying in misery and uncertainty. Choose instead to be found up and about The Lord’s business being showered with the blessings of God.

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