Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Make Your Move

James 4:14

Ezekiel 12:2-3

Let’s say that you’re in a wicked place. People are doing terrible things. And you’re in the midst of them. You want nothing more but for them to change their ways.

What could prompt them to consider change?

You. Walking in the other direction. Taking a stand against the evil. Separating yourself from it.

Boldly make your move.

Measuring Stick

James 1:27

To have pure and undefiled religion before God you must:

1) take the gospel to the unsaved

2) keep yourself spotless from the world

Does your walk line up?


James 4:8

II Chronicles 30:1-27

The invitation had been sent out before the people: Passover was to be celebrated once again.

Some people laughed, mocking the thought of it…they had forgotten what The Lord had brought them out of. They chose to distance themselves from The Lord.

Others risked public rejection to make it to the assembly…they came unclean, but hopeful to participate. They wanted to draw closer to God.

Their choices dictated the consequences. The people that rejected God’s invitation missed out on the blessings of The Lord. The people that came unclean were made pure and rejoiced in the joy that they had obtained.

God has invited you to draw closer to him…in what way will you respond?

Persistent Prayer

James 5:16

Genesis 32:24-30

Do you have a passionate prayer life?

Are you really concerned with the results of your prayers?

Jacob wrestled all night long with an angel to see his prayers answered. Giving up wasn’t an option…even when he suffered a physical setback.

Jacob’s persistence won him favor with God and man.

God knows if our prayers are scripted, recited, and lacking emotion. He also knows when they are speaking straight from the depths of our heart, and the intensity in which they are offered.

Create a prayer life that yields results.

Keep Calm

James 1:20

Don’t make hasty decisions in anger.

Keep calm and take it to Jesus instead.

He will work righteousness into the situation.

Be Constant

James 1:8

How many times are you willing to deny your flesh to be obedient to The Lord? How often are you willing to disregard man’s advice when it goes against the word of The Lord?

What if someone continually pointed out to you that you were wrong in what you thought God was telling you….that surely God didn’t mean that….

Once a man of God was sure he had heard God tell him not to eat or drink from a certain area. At first the man of God was bold in denying himself food and water. But as time moved on his resolve weakened. A few offers later the man of God was eating and drinking where he shouldn’t have been….going directly against the word of God.

A lion destroyed him.

Learn from this man’s example. Don’t allow yourself to be coerced into going against what The Lord told you. Continue to stand firm in what you know to be right. Even if it means denying others and your flesh time and time again.

Watch and See

James 2:26

Abraham trudged up the mountain with his son, Isaac. Today Abraham would show God that he trusted in Him. That he loved Him more than his long awaited promise from God.

As Abraham lifted his hand to the sacrifice the angel of The Lord called out to him. Abraham stopped and lifted his eyes. The Lord had provided a ram.

Abraham had provided a display of his faith.

Abraham could’ve said that he had faith. But by only speaking those words it could’ve left room for us to doubt him.

However when Abraham lifted the knife to sacrifice his only son, we could see, without any doubt, Abraham’s faith in God.

Show the world around you your faith. It will speak volumes.

Follow The Leader

James 4:8

The music died. Everybody froze. Uzza lay dead upon the ground.

“What happened?!?” someone in the crowd shouted.

“We were just walking along and the oxen stumbled. Uzza reached out his hand to steady the ark of God and then….”

The law flashed through their minds: “thou shall not touch any holy thing, lest they die”.

As you set out to draw closer to The Lord be sure to follow His lead. Don’t allow your flesh to get in the way of something holy. Trust that God has it under control.

Ring Ring

James 5:8

The soldiers were closing in on them. The disciples turned to Jesus….”They’re going to take you! Do you want us to kill them?”

Peter didn’t wait for Jesus’ reply. He sliced the ear off of a man.

The disciples realized that they needed the guidance of The Lord. They did good to ask Him what they should do in the situation they were facing.

But Peter wasn’t willing to wait on an answer from Jesus. He decided to ignore The Lord and rely on himself.

Peter made the wrong choice.

Usually we can all be found calling on The Lord. We seek out Jesus because we believe that He knows exactly the right way to respond.

But how often can we be found waiting for The Lord’s response?

Call on Jesus. And then wait for His answer.

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