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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Personal Prayer

Hezekiah received the news that his time on earth was coming to an end. He cried out to The Lord in prayer. He told The Lord exactly what was in his heart.

He could have turned to Isaiah, the prophet and messenger of the bad news, and asked him to pray. He could have just left it in his hands. But he didn’t.

Hezekiah knew that only he could convey to The Lord how he was feeling. He knew that The Lord alone could understand the tears he was crying. The passion he felt couldn’t be duplicated by another person. He knew he needed to take it before his God himself.

The Lord heard Hezekiah’s prayers. He saw Hezekiah’s tears. The Lord blessed him with another fifteen years of life.

Christians are all the time taking prayers requests of others before The Lord. They can be found praying for another person’s walk with Jesus or for The Lord to bestow blessings on a friend or family member. But how often are you pouring your heart out to God on your behalf?

Jesus loves to hear from you whenever you pray, regardless of the subject matter. But don’t miss out on the reason He died on the cross, the reason the veil was ripped in two. He did that to have a personal relationship with you. He is there for you, wanting to hear your thoughts, fears, praises. He wants you to tell Him all about you and your life.

Don’t neglect yourself in your prayer life. You know your situation, needs, desires, emotions better than anybody else.

Isaiah 38:1-5

Unlikely Habitat

Ephesians 4:12

Isaiah 41:19-20

The box tree, fir tree and pine. Three types of trees that you would never expect to see growing in a desert. None of them could survive the habitat. It would be considered miraculous if they did. Only their Creator could give them life.

And He did. God planted them there and they grew. As a result people noticed the phenomenon. Praise was given to God as they understood that He was responsible for this.

If you find yourself outside your comfort zone trust God to flourish you. Live so that God will receive the glory.

From Dreams to Reality

Isaiah 58:11

Acts 9:1-20

Saul had a desire to start his life anew…to live for Jesus. The Lord guided him directly to where he needed to be for his longings to be fulfilled. Saul received the Holy Spirit….his journey had begun. His dream of living solely for The Lord had become reality.

Is there something on your heart that you would like to do for The Lord? Is it something that will draw you closer to Him? Something that will spread the gospel? Something that you know has been ordained by God?

Whether you’ve had this desire for only three days, like Saul, or have had it for years, don’t give up on The Lord.

Jesus says that He is the one who guides us…that He’ll satisfy our needs and He’ll also give us our heart’s desire according to His will.

Growing Grapes

Galatians 5:22-23

Isaiah 5:1-4

Wild grapes. Even after the owner of the vineyard worked diligently to bring in a good crop. He only reaped wild grapes. Even though he placed his vineyard on good foundation, fenced it, took away the stones from the ground, picked the best variety of grapes and built a winepress to harvest the them. He still yet only grew wild grapes.

God has given you the best foundation to build your life on: Jesus. He has carved out exactly where you are now so that you can grow in Him. He has surrounded you with protection and is willing and ready to defend you. He is eagerly awaiting you to grow. He expects it.

You have been set up to be successful. Are you?

Is the fruit you’re growing a reflection of appreciation to God for His love, blessing and care that He has lavished upon you?

Or are you just growing wild grapes?

Spoken To

Isaiah 38:15

Isaiah 38:1-5

Hezekiah cried out to God about the defeat he felt had overtaken his life.

God responded by speaking to him. As a result Hezekiah became reenergized. His faith was strengthened. To hear from God was a changing point in his life. He praised him. He lived for him.

The moment before you accepted Jesus as your Savior He spoke to you. His presence in your life was a changing point for you too. No longer did you have to live stained with sin. After accepting the call to repentance you were changed to live a life that brings Him glory.

As you continue on your journey with Jesus He speaks to you often. Through His word. Through the Spirit. Through His creation.

God speaking to you is what prompted your faith in Him. And it is also what continues to strengthen your faith today.

Listen to what He has to say.

Exceeding Expectations

Isaiah 61:3

Israel, formerly Jacob, cried tears of sorrow. He had just determined that his youngest son, Joseph had been mulled to death by an animal. He refused to be comforted. Instead he said, “I will go down into the grave unto my son mourning.”

Years later Israel’s life was coming to an end. With dim vision he looked upon his son Joseph and his two grandsons. Israel spoke to Joseph. He said, “I had not thought to see thy face: and, lo, God hath showed me also thy seed.”

In this time of joy Israel had remembered the time of sadness…not to dwell on it bitterly, but to recognize God’s sovereign plan.

If we couple our times of gladness with the acknowledgement that God is the one in control, how much more would we enjoy the blessings of The Lord?

Remember what The Lord has done for you.

Praise Him for His guidance in your life…for the blessings that you thought were impossible.


Isaiah 60:1

Let your light shine bright.


Isaiah 49:16

“Behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands…”

Relax. You’re in God’s hands.


Joshua 1:9

“Here I am” saith The Lord….

…as He calls you to come to Him for forgiveness

…as He lights the paths of righteousness He has planned for you

…as He satisfies your every need

…as He blesses all of your descendants.

Jesus is always there for you.

Accept the forgiveness He offers…

Follow Him down the paths He has made for you…

Praise Him for all He has given you…

Thank Him for your future in Him…

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