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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Hard Working

Isaiah prophesied about the wickedness of the people. One of his observations was that they worked for the reward, as a person that loved gifts. 

Could that apply to you? Do you sometimes become consumed with just making more money? Does the bottom line become your god?

Everything we do should be seen as a way to honor God and worship Him. So keep giving your best, just make sure who you’re working for –yourself or your Savior.


Pure Intentions?

I Corinthians 3:13-15

Matthew 6:16-18

The woman seemed to be going about her day as usual. She had a smile on her face. She was going to live this day to the glory of God, just like she would any other. But unbeknownst to others part of her worship this day would include fasting.

Another woman steps out to begin her workday. She too serves The Lord. And today she has given herself over to fasting. But instead of her usual smile she is wearing a frown, in hopes that someone will ask her why the change in her countenance.

Fasting is an act that The Lord takes pleasure in His children doing, when they’re doing it for Him. Not for others to see.

How about the things you do for The Lord? Do you do them to glorify Him or do you do them to get a pat on the back?

The rewards in heaven far outweigh the rewards of man. Check the intent of your heart.


I Peter 4:2

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

Paul and Barnabas heard the chant as the crowd drew closer to them. They looked at the gates of the city and saw oxen being brought in to be sacrificed.

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

The crowd was heading in their direction.

The disciples put it together. They were the ones being called Mercurius and Jupiter. The oxen was going to be a sacrifice to them. The people were seeing them as gods.

“No!!” Paul and Barnabas tore their clothes. They ran to the people. “No!!! Stop! We are men, like you. We preach the one true God, creator of heaven and earth….”

Some people live their lives trying to reach a status where they are viewed as gods. Maybe they don’t actually think of it that way but the evidence says otherwise:

They accept all praise as if they were solely responsible.
They expect people to do exactly as they say.
They’re out to receive glory for themselves.

What are your intentions? Are you living a life like Paul and Barnabas? A life where you want nothing more than to glorify God and be found in His will and favor? Or are you going about pretending to be bought in to Christ’s plan but only living for yourself?

Do a self check.

To God be the glory.

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