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Using the Word to Encourage Others


I Peter

Why Me?

I Peter 3:18

Jesus suffered through a crucifixion. He died a horrible death. And throughout His entire life He was only righteous…perfect…blameless.

He didn’t deserve the death He died.

Maybe you’re wondering what you did to deserve the trial you’re going through.

But before you’re quick to judge remind yourself of Jesus’ situation…when He was faced with unfair circumstances He went to His Father and followed His will.

Seek The Lord’s guidance, not answers to “why me?”.

Bite Your Tongue

I Peter 2:23

I Peter 3:8-17

What’s your reaction when you feel like you’re being wrongly accused? Or that you’re suffering blamelessly?

Is it defensiveness?

Do you act on it? Do you throw back hateful words? Do you seek revenge on the person? Do you seek to validate yourself and/or your actions?

Christ gave us the example to follow. He was reviled, but reviled not. He suffered, but did it silently.

He trusted God with the outcome.

Sometimes people may try to get under your skin…they might falsely accuse you. But instead of retaliation, Jesus teaches us to seek peace, to endure the suffering for righteousness’ sake happily even and without fear.

It’s hard…but expected.

Entrust your outcome to Jesus. He has the final word.

We’re Sheep

I Peter 5:3

Every human is in need of a sacrifice to cleanse themselves from sin.

Jesus’ blood is the pure, unblemished and holy sacrifice that is capable of doing that.

Only Jesus’ blood.

So if we, as Christians, are covered by the same exact blood why do some perceive that they are more righteous than others?

All of our righteousness was as filthy rags. Jesus blood is the only washing that can take care of our sinful filth.

Your righteousness comes from Christ alone.

Don’t be proud, boastful, or haughty…without the blood you are lost.

Humble yourselves before The Lord and your fellow Christians. We’re in this together.

And The Winner Is…

I Peter 2:23

He had John the Baptist beheaded. He killed James with the sword. He had every intention of putting Peter to death. King Herod was doing everything in his power to destroy the church.

The results?

Worms ate up King Herod and then he was struck dead.

The church flourished. The word of God grew and multiplied.

God is always in control.

He always has the last word.

Concern yourself with proclaiming the gospel and living it out. Jesus will take care of the rest.

Predictable Peculiarity

I Peter 2:1-10

Onesimus, a servant of Philemon’s has stolen from his master and fled. Along the way Onesimus meets Paul and gives his life to Jesus, the same as Philemon had done before. Paul is now returning Onesimus to Philemon and asking that Philemon receive him as a brother and not a criminal. Paul believes Philemon will be merciful to Onesimus. Paul could make this prediction because of the life that Philemon was living. Philemon was peculiar. He was known as a man that had a love for Jesus and lived his life according to His teachings.

Followers of Jesus are to be a peculiar people. We know that we are peculiar because to us Jesus is precious and we have a desire to apply The Word to our life. Others can see our peculiarity when we walk with purpose in the light being merciful to others because we have obtained mercy.

Would an onlooker be able to predict your peculiarity if you were faced with a situation similar to Philemon’s?

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