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He Saw it Coming

Jesus knew that he’d have to go head to head with the devil in the wilderness. He knew that his best friends would fail Him when He needed them the most. He knew each piece of the crucifixion He would have to endure.

Jesus didn’t blindly walk in to becoming flesh. He is the Word. He knew what He had coming…yet He still chose to come to earth for you. Let that love sink in.

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…” (John 1:1


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Anchor of Hope


Where have you anchored your hope?

Are you trusting in your own perception or are you trusting in the Word?

Wait on the Lord. For with God nothing shall be impossible. 



“Here. You just take the money back and give me Jesus and we’ll pretend this never happened.”…said Judas to the chief priests after he realized his mistake in betraying Christ. 

“Yeh, right.” was their response. 

So he hung himself.

Judas went to the wrong people hoping for a change in his future. He went to the wrong people to find peace for what he had done.

He should have went to Jesus first. 

Finding forgiveness from others can make you feel better. But Jesus’ forgiveness is the only one that will bring change to your future and true peace in your life.

Be sure to seek Christ’s forgiveness first and foremost. His acceptance of your repentance will help you to better cope with how others react to your change of heart. 

Don’t Give Up Hope


Maybe you’ve given up hope. Maybe you’ve already decided that the situation or perhaps even a relationship is too far gone for any amount of restoration.

Nathanael had done that very thing. He had already determined within himself and boldly declared to Philip that nothing good could ever come from Nazareth.

Then Philip introduced him to Jesus, a Nazarene, and his opinion was forever changed.

Good had come from somewhere he had never expected.

Don’t give up hope. Keep trusting in Jesus. He’ll work good in your situation.

Long Gone


Elijah prophesied to King Ahab that there wouldn’t be any rain or dew for years. Then he left town to go dwell in the wilderness.

He was out of sight to Ahab but the work of the Lord was still evident.

A drought had come upon the land, just as Elijah had said it would. God’s power couldn’t be disputed in that area.

The Lord may put you in a situation only for a while, or only to speak a few words. Give it your best efforts though because the effects can be felt long after you’re gone.

Pout or Praise


Are you allowing yourself hopelessness in place of hopefulness?

Hagar had every reason to be hopeful when she left Abraham’s camp. Not because he had provided some essentials for her but because of a conversation she had with the angel of The Lord prophesying a multitude of descendants from her seed.

But instead of focusing on God’s promises she focused on her current situation: she had little to live on, no plan and no help. She prepared herself and her son to perish.

When she should have been praising she was pouting.

God saw fit, as he always does, to keep his promises. He miraculously provided for Hagar and her son. Her eyes were opened to a well in the wilderness. Hagar and Ishmael would survive.

Hopefulness reigned in Hagar’s life again. God blessed in the way that he said he would. A nation descended from Ishmael.

Christian, don’t allow your hope in The Lord to decline when situations don’t look promising. He is always working things for your good. Praise him no matter how dire the situation seems.

Genesis 16:7-11

Genesis 21:14-21

Romans 8:28

The Battle Field


Proverbs 18:19

The man stood in solitude.

A familiar noise filled the air. He looked to find the source of it. On the horizon he saw an army of people coming toward him.

In disgust he turned his back on them and walked away.

These were the people that had wronged him. They were the ones that had made him feel unimportant, useless, unintelligent and unloved.

“Why would they be coming at me again?” he wondered. “I want nothing to do with them.”

A hush fell over the crowd that was pursuing him. He turned to look.

The Captain appeared from within their midst. He was walking toward him.

Immediately the man recognized Him.

“I’m coming to you in love, on their behalf, for your good. They’ve repented for the way they’ve treated you. They’re sorry for the way they’ve made you feel. They are seeking you’re forgiveness.”

The man stood speechless. It had been years since he had been wronged. For years he had been ignoring their plea of repentance. He had never even given it consideration.

Until now.

Now, as the captain spoke, something within him gave way. The man felt the bars he had put up begin to crumble. Finally the bitterness began to subside. Relief started to trickle over him as forgiveness filled his heart.

He was tired of denying these people. Tired of refusing the plea from their captain. Sick of the burden that had taken an ugly toll on his life.

He could stand it no longer.

The man fell into step with The Captain and went to meet the army in love.

Reconciliation had been won. Both sides were declared victorious.

And so goes the battle for an offended brother.

The bible teaches that an offended brother is harder to be won than a strong city.

But upsets happen all the time.

Keep praying. Keep consulting The Captain, our Lord, on their behalf. Ask others to join you in the fight for their soul. And let Jesus lead the battle.

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