Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Traveling Forecast

Matthew 7:13

Isaiah 35:8-9

Sounds were coming from every direction.


Then a collective gasp.

Followed by a sigh of relief.

Finished up by the pounding of our hearts.

Driving on a highway can be pretty intense.

My friends and I had been traveling to conference a few hours away. We encountered some close calls. It seems that for the most part drivers on the road are mostly concerned with themselves. Selfishness and pride seem to reign. Being courteous to others seems to go out the window in the fast paced lanes.

Just the same as manners and hospitality in the day to day life. Walking the roads of this world can be pretty daunting. We can become caught up in the moment and collide because of poor judgment. Often times lack of wisdom causes mass chaos all around.

But not on the Highway of Holiness.

On this highway evil has been banished. Sinful nature doesn’t exist.  Everyone traveling it is going the same direction, happy for the traveling companions all around.  It is a path where all who walk upon it stand righteous before the King.

This highway is one where you never lose sight of your destination. It’s just a one way street with no turns, no stops, and no confusion.

Let the Highway of Holiness be the route you choose to travel.


Traveling Guides

Matthew 15:14

Acts 9:1-8

Saul was struck blind. If it weren’t for his traveling companions he would’ve been left to wander around the road to Damascus, not knowing which way to turn, which way to go.

But his friends could see. They took him by the hand and led him to the city. They were his guides.

It is our job as Christians, the ones that can see, to lead the spiritually blinded to Christ. We are responsible for showing others the pathway to Jesus.

Without our guidance they’ll be lost.

Let your light shine bright so that others will see Him.

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