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Using the Word to Encourage Others



graduation gift


This study gives the graduate applicable ways to build a life founded on Jesus…and a life built upon Christ has blessings eternal.

Help your graduate to get off on the right foot or continue down the path God has for them.

Bless with them with this 16 lesson study guide based on what the Word teaches about humility.

Are You A Student?


II Timothy 2:15

After nine months of study my daughter is graduating from kindergarten. She is going to wear the miniature version of a cap and gown and proudly walk across the stage. My husband, our little girl, baby boy and I will sit in the audience beaming with pride, I’m sure.

Just like my aunt and her husband felt when Ian, my cousin, received his J.D. from a leading law school in the nation. He had put in years of hard work and was rewarded with top honors in his graduating class.

Most likely The Lord is sitting on His heavenly throne pleased with their accomplishments too.

Undoubtedly though He takes pleasure in His children when they become students of His teachings.

Paul writes Timothy that to become a workman that is approved before God a person needs to rightly discern the scriptures. He says that this is possible through study.

So, study the scriptures. Ask the Teacher to learn you in all areas of His doctrine. Grow in knowledge. Be a student of Jesus.

Because even more satisfying than holding a diploma of worldly value is knowing that your Heavenly Father approves of the ever learning student you are in Him.

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