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Using the Word to Encourage Others


golden rule

A Different Approach


Always before I’d hear “the golden rule” and think “if you don’t want to be treated badly –don’t treat others badly.”

But then the Lord opened my eyes to a different take on the same scripture: “if you want someone to be nice to you –be nice to them.”
We’re here to intentionally spread love, not to just try to hinder evil.
In an effort to avoid conflict have you neglected to show the love of Christ?
If so I encourage you to reevaluate the situation. Handle your approach differently. Then watch God bless. 


Psalm 25:7

Matthew 6:14-15

As you face The Lord in judgment I’m sure that you want Him to be merciful…to remember the good and forget the bad.

If this is your desire, why not extend that same type of love, forgiveness and mercy here on earth?

The Word says that Jesus will forgive us if we forgive others.

Give grace like you want to receive it.

Choose Compassion

Luke 6:31
Acts 28:1-2

Paul and his fellow travelers reached the island of Melita cold and wet. The rain continued to pour down when they met a few of the natives on the island.

The Melitians recognized the travelers situation. They acknowledged that they were in need of physical care. They realized they were capable of providing it. So they did. They took it upon themselves to care for the foreigners. They chose to be compassionate towards them.

Compassion begins with a choice. You have to recognize a need and then decide to act compassionately.

Compassion isn’t offered accidentally.

So when you’re faced with an opportunity to do good for a person in need put yourself in their shoes.

Do for them what you would want done for you.

Choose to be compassionate.

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